What You Should And Shouldn’t Buy When Expecting Your First Baby

It is essential to do your research beforehand when expecting a baby. There are many things that you will need to buy for the pregnancy and even more once the little one arrives. Of course, you may want to go shopping before or after finding out whether it’s going to be a boy or girl because of this, but either way, there are some key items that every expectant mom needs. That said, here are some tips on what to buy when expecting your first baby.


The first thing on everyone’s list should be a large item such as an infant car seat For Your Little One. Also, a stroller combo so they can bring their precious cargo with them wherever they go without worrying about safety issues like babies rolling off of seats while sleeping in cars (or worse). Also, just to allow reality to sink in completely, go out and buy a cute newborn outfit for your little one – this may not exactly be a necessity. Still, it will definitely get you and your partner even more excited for the little one on the way!

Important Extras

Some other things you might want to buy include sleeping bags, clothes, cribs, blankets, and bottles with nipples explicitly made for babies born prematurely or who have trouble breastfeeding/swallowing food. Pacifiers that should come without any BPA chemical additives and diapers of all sizes depending on how big your baby gets before he’s potty trained will also come in handy. The diaper sizes should also include newborn size for when they first come home from the hospital and a diaper bag, crib sheets, and mattress cover to keep their bed dry from any accidents!

What Not To Buy

The first thing on the list of what not to buy is baby shoes – yes, they are adorably cute but, in reality, very impractical. You’re baby won’t be wearing any shoes for the first few months at least, except maybe for special occasions where you’d like to dress them up. But either way, don’t bother spending too much money on baby shoes. Also, infant socks are not necessary – to be honest, you’re going to put them on only to see them lying around after a few minutes. Instead, consider buying footed pyjamas to keep your little nugget warm at night or during the day. And lastly, infant baby bibs are definitely not necessary to buy; have you seen them? Bibs are made to keep any excess food or liquid exiting your baby’s mouth from getting on their clothes, yet infant bibs only seem to cover their neck and make them look like they’ve just come out of a wild west movie with their bandanna – skip it!

Remember that pregnancy is a long process, so you’ll need to be ready for anything – even if there’s something in this article that may not apply to your situation, it doesn’t hurt to get the items just in case. If at all possible, try to buy things before the birth as well because many stores offer discounts on baby gear which will save you some money and make shopping easier while pregnant!

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