Suburban Pests: When They Come Creeping At Night

Do you hear noises at night that sound awfully odd? Do you hear something or someone, creeping around just outside your window? Yet, when you jump out of bed, ready for action and you go outside to investigate, there’s not a trace to be found. My friend, you might be being visited by any number of suburban pests. You see, you’re not so far into the city that wildlife won’t venture in, but you’re not so close to the forest that you will see wildlife just walking around. So it’s a bit of a cat and mouse game with pests such as deer, foxes, raccoons, rats and the like. But here is how you can spot them, capture them on camera and get rid of them.

You Have To Know

You first must figure out who you are dealing with, or rather, what. So it’s a good idea to invest in a few things.

  • Soil. place some soil around patches of your garden and outside the home where you think pests venture. You’ll capture their footprints and know what you are dealing with. If the soil shows small paws, it could be raccoons or if there are hooves, then it could be deer.
  • Invest in motion sensors and cameras. This will let you look at what you are dealing with. You never know it could be a pesky fox, or perhaps a cougar depending on where you live, so you have to be careful before confronting it.
  • Repellent sprays. Some animals will fight through repellent sprays and get at your garbage or try to get closer to the garden where your dog might be sleeping. However, sometimes these sprays work.

More Than One

It’s rare but sometimes your home and garden could be the victim of a gang of pests. They may not even know each other or they could be working as a herd. So, if you suspect that there is more than one pest visiting your home looking for scraps, attacking your pets or perhaps trying to get into the home for some reason, then call animal control. They will not only find out what is coming to your home at night, but why and how frequently. This is great because then you can take measures to protect your home and pets. Maybe install a fence, place some naturally repelling things around the garden and or scare them away.

Get Pets Inside

If you are taking the above steps, it’s a good idea to get your pets inside and don’t let them out for a while. Take your dog for a walk of course, but do not let him out into the garden alone. Go with him when he needs to do his business and keep an eye out for wild animals. Take a torch with you in the evenings and make sure you make some noise before going outside. Let whatever is out there know you are coming. Chances are it will run away before you two are outside.

Pests in suburban neighborhoods are a common thing but no less annoying or frightening. Use these tactics to make your home safe again and let us know how you got on.

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