What Car Makes For The Best New Family Vehicle?

Family cars are a real thing, although not many car designers work from that perspective. Cars are designed to be the Jack of all trades. No matter what size or shape the car is, most do some of everything. They can be long haul commuter cars, stable on the road at high speed for long periods of time. They can be the city car, as even 4-door sedans and saloons have rear wheels that turn 5-15 degrees for sharper tighter cornering capabilities. Other cars like SUVs remain loyal to some drivers who want space, gas mileage, handling and comfort. So if you are just starting a family, what type of car do you think is best for your needs?

The 4-Door Sedan

You might not need a 4-door car; right now at least. If you’re having just one child at first with little or no plans for a second or third, then perhaps go with something smaller. But if you are, then a sedan is going to be a brilliant investment. Take a look at these 4-door Honda Civic used cars which are in amazing condition. Almost brand new, this type of Japanese sedan is built to last, eat up the miles and nowadays, thanks to the modern engine technology, easily shoot past 100,000 miles without any major concerns. 4-door sedans are spacious, they have great stability on the roads, especially at high speeds and they are great for other things too like going out with the extended family for a day, loading up with groceries, or moving things from your home.


Perhaps something you may want is a car with space but not so much of a large and long shape. Then you should consider an SUV. Nowadays they are called crossovers but, SUVs are essentially, family vehicles from the ground up. Compact enough to fit onto any driveway, but large enough internally for up to 5 people. These are quite spacious, with lots of storage space and thanks to modern SUVs like the Hyundai Tucson, you get plenty of trunk space too. SUVs have changed in shape and in size, but they remain the same in handling. They are quite heavy, they prefer to roll around at low to medium speeds and when it gets into the higher speeds they tend to lean around corners. However, if you go with a completely electric SUV such as the i-Pace, then you do not have this problem as the center of gravity is lower.


Despite the world demanding more and more cars, the compact car has not been given the old heave-ho. Compact cars like the Chevrolet Sonic are popular because not only are they affordable but they have good designs in terms of safety, reliability, handling and quality of materials. If you want a family car that is affordable, compacts are the way to go.

Family cars are going to tick every box. Space, handling, mileage, materials, storage and reliability are just a few of the things you should demand. Of course, it’s also important to cost additional services you may need as part of this, like planning for the best insurance, or retain the contact information of the best car accident lawyer. This helps you consider the purchase of a new car as an overall investment worth keeping.

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