Friday’s Five: The Power Of Echinacea

It’s been some time since my last Friday’s Five, but there were so many things going on in the world and unfortunately, majority of them were not good news. I don’t want my blog to be another place where you hear about the things that are going on, because I feel like there’s enough of news’ platforms out there that are doing way better job than I could ever do. That’s the major reason why I was quite quiet here.

I’m back here though and would love to share with you some of my latest “discoveries” :):

1. Echinaforce

With the back-to-school season, I would like to let you know (if you don’t know already) about Echinaforce® Junior by A.Vogel.  These echinacea tabs, made from fresh, organic, GMO free plants, are great for children 2+ and are clinically shown to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections (common cold and flu) and shorten their duration. You might want to watch the recommended doses, because they do taste delicious (I’ve tried them!) :). Echinacea purpurea, which is the main ingredient, is known for its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. What is also important to mention, in my opinion is that it reduces the need for antibiotics or other prescription medication by 76% and helps maintain a better quality of life with fewer sick days away from school!

They also have tablets for adults: Echinaforce®, which are perfect and very effective for my hubby and me. Also, if you prefer to drink something that will help you with the flu or cold, then their Echinaforce® Extra Strength Hot Drink would be perfect for you. One last thing that I really appreciate is that all of these products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women :).

2. Biossance’s Newest Product

I’ve had a pleasure to attend an online event that was hosted by Biossance (- the brand that I’ve mentioned so many times here and on my Instagram 🙂 ) and Kim Elmslie from Oceana thanks to whom I could learn so much more about sharks and how important they are to our ecosystem.

Biossance also introduced me to their new product: Squalane+Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser. It gives you a deep cleanse through a gentle foaming gel that envelopes your skin in an antioxidant-rich, non-stripping formula for a soft, hydrated complexion. I’ve been using it for about four weeks now and I really like the feeling of my skin that it leaves me with! 🙂

3. “The White Lotus

These TV series are an interesting ones and I’m writing this listening to the soundtrack from it :). Beautiful scenery, great actresses and actors and warning, it is kind of addictive that V and I couldn’t stop watching and were going to bed too late, lol. It took us three or four days to watch them though :).

4. “Nine Perfect Strangers”

I actually would like to share with you this other show that we are really into right now. It’s “Nine Perfect Strangers” and it basically takes place at the breathtaking wellness place. Again, of course, a great cast and a story that “takes you in”.

Have you seen any of the shows above? 🙂 Let me know in the comments section.

5. “Code Red”

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