How To Ensure Your House Remains Clean And Free Of Clutter

It’s a well-known fact that clutter and mess can make people feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. This is especially true if you live in a small space such as an apartment or dorm room. Unfortunately, you may live with the stress of not knowing where to put your things, so you pile them up on top of one another, creating an even bigger mess than before.

Here are ways to remain organized and keep your house clean by following these simple tips.

Regularly Clean Your House

Cleaning your house with janitorial cleaning supplies is an essential part of maintaining good hygiene, but it can also help minimize clutter accumulation. When you tend regularly, not only will you keep dirt and dust from gathering around your home, but you’ll also find fewer things to organize.

Regular cleaning is also a great way to find things you may have been missing or looking for. When your house is clean and tidy, you’ll feel more at ease knowing that everything has its place.

Change Your Sheets Periodically

It’s the easiest way to keep your bed clean and fresh by choosing what you love. You can also change them weekly or biweekly, depending on how much you use your sheets and if they get dirty quickly. This allows for more than one set of sheets in rotation so that each is washed after each use, ensuring you have clean sheets for every night.

If you do not change your sheets frequently enough to ensure they are always fresh and clean, it will be harder to keep the other surfaces in your house free of clutter. If this happens, other areas of your home will become cluttered with miscellaneous items because you keep them around for when they can be put back on the bed.

Ensure Your Washrooms Are Well-Maintained

Ensure your washrooms are well-maintained. Make sure that you clean them after every use, so germs do not accumulate over time. Get rid of any soap scum or other buildup on the sink, shower and toilet to keep things clean looking. Also, make sure you have enough towels for everyone in the house and a fresh bar of soap for each person. It is also a good idea to have some cleaning supplies on hand in case of accidents or messes that need tending to.

Organize Your Storage

Make sure that you have enough secure storage space to store your belongings. If you do not, it is time to buy more and get rid of the excess stuff lying around. This will make your living area feel more significant and allow for better organization of items.

Also, make sure that you organize your storage room-by-room decluttering. For example, if you have a cabinet with five shelves and little space to store things, it is time for some reorganization. Using an over-the-door shoe rack or plastic bins can create more room in the cabinets by stacking items vertically instead of horizontally.


The most important aspect of cleaning your home is to stay organized. For example, instead of throwing clothes on the ground, have a designated spot for them to be put away immediately after being worn. This will ensure that no piles accumulate around the house and maintain cleanliness.

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