Why It’s Important To Balance Work With Rest And Comfort

As you’ll hear from a wide range of different productivity and entrepreneur-focused websites, YouTube channels, and social media accounts, it’s important to work and to expend effort to create the kind of life you want for yourself.

At the same time, however, it is just as important to balance work with rest and comfort on a regular basis – and this is a part of the equation that is often left out of the aforementioned productivity guides.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to balance work with rest and comfort, whether that means installing a new tekclimate heat pump and relaxing in warmth and comfort at home on a lazy weekend, or whether it means going out for a leisurely stroll with the family.

For The Sake Of Your Own Sense Of Well-Being And Happiness

The most obvious reason why it’s important to balance work with rest and comfort is, of course, because doing so is very important for your own sense of well-being and happiness.

Generally speaking, people who work themselves into a state of complete burnout are not very happy, and by the same token, neither are those who never do anything productive, and who only lounge around.

The key here is balance. Productivity and effort are needed, at the right times and in the right doses – and most of all for the right reasons – and rest, relaxation and comfort are needed as well.

In Order To Keep You Balanced And To Refresh Your Sense Of Perspective

If you’re constantly busy, on the go, and are hyper-focused on different chores, tasks, and obligations that you have to deal with, there’s a good chance that your sense of perspective will become very limited, and you’ll begin to misjudge various situations and to make worse decisions as a result.

It’s necessary to regularly step back and take it easy from time to time, in order to help to establish balance and to refresh and renew your sense of perspective.

In fact, some research has even indicated that professionals who take regular vacations actually end up being more productive than those who don’t.

To Recharge Your Batteries, And To Allow You To Put Your Best Foot Forward

No one can work all-out, day after day without eventually burning out and feeling completely exhausted and demotivated sooner rather than later.

Even if you’re just considering things from a purely pragmatic perspective, you will not be in a position to put your best foot forward, or to do your best work, if you’re constantly exhausted and overworked.

One of the key reasons to enjoy a bit of rest, relaxation, and comfort on a regular basis is because it can help you to recharge your batteries and to greet the next day with a renewed sense of motivation, energy, purpose, and hopefully optimism.
This is also one reason why even highly productivity-minded individuals shouldn’t feel guilty about regularly making time for a bit of relaxation and comfort.

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  1. You know how you know you need to rest, but your body just doesn’t? That regardless of how many articles, podcast or videos we watch telling us to ‘balance’ -we still don’t do it enough!
    But it’s well anyways..lol! Amazing post🤎

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