Getting Your Home Sale-Ready Quickly And Efficiently

If you are wanting to list your property on the market there are lots of things you need to do before you make that all-important call to the realtor. When everything is done and dusted, quite literally, you can list your home and sell it for a great price.

Here are four things that should be on your to-do list when it comes to selling your property.


One of the very first things to do when you are wanting to open your home up to viewing is declutter. You might be wondering why you need to do this, especially as you will be taking most of your belongings with you. The reason to declutter is this; you need to show potential buyers how much space they have available to play with if they were to buy your home. Another reason is that buyers need to be able to envision their belongings in your property, they won’t be able to do this if there is a lot of stuff filling the space.

In order to declutter, you should go to each room and create four piles from your items. These should consist of the keep pile, items you want to throw away, things you want to donate to charity, and belongings you want to sell. It is a great idea to donate your unwanted items as there could be people in need who can benefit. It is also a good idea to sell your items to make money for the upcoming move.

Carry Out Repairs

When it comes to selling your home you need to make sure that all repairs are carried out. You will very rarely find that people want to move into a fixer-upper, especially families with children. If you have a long list of repairs that you have been putting off then now is the time to get them done, before people look around. If people do come to look around and they notice repairs that need to be carried out then this could put them off-putting in an offer. One such area to check for damage is the roof. It may not be obvious straight away that there is a problem with your roof until things get serious. A broken roof can lead to leaks and extensive damage to the interior of your home, including the walls, ceiling, and floors.

Sort The Outside

If you are sorting the inside of your property then it is important to sort the outside as well. You may have a front garden and back garden that need some TLC. The front garden is the first thing that people see when they pull up at your home, so it needs to look perfect to gain attention. How your property looks from the outside is known as curb appeal, quite a few buyers will judge how your house will be from the exterior. If it is looking a bit worn and tired then you need to do some things to inject some life into your home again. Your property might benefit from a coat of paint if this is possible. You could also add some lighting to the front door, this creates a warm, welcoming site.

You should also make sure that the grass has been mowed in both the front and back gardens, this ensures that it is looking neat and tidy. If you have steps leading up to the front or rear of your home then you need to make sure these are looking as good as they possibly can. If you think they could benefit from an upgrade then contact your local installer to have a chat about architectural concrete steps. This may also add to your final selling price of the property.

Deep Clean

Finally, you will want to thoroughly clean your home and make it sparkle. If new people are viewing and buying your home then you want it looking its best. Cleaning is also a great way of getting rid of ground-in dirt and debris that is often missed during the weekly clean. Areas to focus on when you are cleaning include the kitchen and the bathroom, these are prone to black mold forming so pay extra attention to this. You should also get down and wipe over the baseboards as these can become quite dirty over time.

Once everything has been wiped over and cleaned it is time to pay attention to the flooring. If you have carpet then you should vacuum and shampoo it, this can take a couple of days to dry. If you have hard flooring then you should sweep this, mop it, and then steam it.

I hope you found this article helpful and it gave you some tips and tricks you hadn’t thought of.

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