Unhealthy Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Hair

Unhealthy Things YFor many women, their hair means much more than their appearance. According to a 2017 survey, people aged 49 to 54 spent the highest average amount of CA$494 per household on services related to hair grooming. While knowing what to do to maintain your hair is great, being aware of the bad habits is even better since they could prevent your hair from being a source of happiness for you. Below are a few things you should not be doing to your hair and some suggestions on better alternatives.

1. Not Washing Your Brushes And Other Hair Accessories

This is a very common habit many women are guilty of. As you brush and comb your hair every day, there is an accumulation of product, dead skin cells, oil residue, etc. When you don’t wash them, you transfer all that nasty stuff back into your hair. Experts recommend washing your brushes, combs and other hair accessories frequently, at least once a week. It would be best to do so with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can air dry them or use a hairdryer, but always ensure they are dry before using them.

2. Ignoring Your Diet

Whatever you put in your body affects it outwardly, and your hair is no exception. Your hair strands are made of a hard protein called keratin, and your body requires a balanced diet of nutrients and protein to undergo the three-phase growth cycle. Every hair follicle has its own growth cycle, which is affected by cycles like diet, illness and diet. If you skip meals or consume unhealthy ones, your hair is likely to go into a resting phase, which could cause hair loss. On the other hand, consuming foods rich in sources of protein like salmon, Greek yogurt, and poultry will give your hair the amino acids and healthy fats it needs to grow well.

3. Exposure To Extreme Heat

A hot shower after a long day might sound relaxing, but it is bad for your hair. Hot water strips your hair of moisture and natural oils that it needs, leading to weak, brittle hair. A better alternative will be to use lukewarm water when shampooing and conditioning. After that, use cold water to rinse and lock in the moisture to maintain your hair’s shine. When blow-drying, straightening or curling your hair, ensure you’re using the appropriate amount of heat. Some hairstyles require heat. In those circumstances, you may have to consider some factors. For example, you may have to compare hot versus velcro hair rollers depending on your desired results. Fortunately, there are products you can apply to your strands to protect them if you have no option but to use heat.

4. Styling Your Hair Into A Tight Ponytail

There’s no doubt about the ease and comfort of putting your hair up in a ponytail. But it becomes a problem when it’s too tight. That’s because there will be too much tension on your scalp, which might eventually lead to hair loss around your edges and temples. There are some instances where people have lost hair at the spot where the ponytail was held. You can still wear a ponytail but with less tension. Also, switch up the hairstyles to give your scalp and hairline enough time to rest or heal. It is also not advisable to put wet hair in a ponytail since it is weak and more likely to cause breakages. Your choice of hair tires also matters; silk scrunchies and flexible hair ties are the most recommended.

5. Using Too Much Shampoo

Even though shampoo keeps your hair clean, too much of it could hurt your hair. By shampooing too often, you strip your hair of its natural oils, walking the strands and causing it to lose its shine. So, instead, wash your hair every other day. Also, ensure the shampoo you use is gentle on your hair. Generally, sulphate-free ones are good for your strands. Additionally, bar soaps are known to be too harsh for hair, and they do not contain any conditioning or nourishing ingredients. And it would help if you considered nourishing your hair after shampooing to replace any lost moisture and oil.

6. Avoiding Regular Trims

Avoiding trims is likely to lead to unhealthy hair since any split hairs you may have will worsen by affecting the healthy hair attached to it. According to experts, getting rid of the unhealthy part will help you maintain the healthy ones by preventing frizz and over-processed hair. No matter the type or length of hair you have, get a trim every six to eight weeks. You will notice an improvement in the appearance of your hair.

7. Over-Manipulating Your Hair When It’s Wet

Your hair is weakest when it’s wet, and so if you put a lot of pressure on it in that state, you’re likely to damage it. You’re likely to rough up your cuticles whenever you’re too aggressive when squeezing, drying or brushing the wet strands. Some solutions are gently using the towel to eliminate excess moisture instead of squeezing and gently detangling your hair with your fingers or wide-toothed comb instead of brushing. Also, it is advised that you wait until your hair is 80% dry before blow drying it. This limits the amount of heat your wet hair is exposed to.

8. Frequent Use Of Dry Shampoo

The opposite of using too much shampoo is to use too much dry shampoo. The formula of this product is such that even though your hair will be clean, it won’t be all the way clean since it is a quick fix. That means the build-up of sweat, oils, and hair products will still occur. So do your best to alternate this with shampoo to get the best results.

Some women refer to their hair as their crown, and if you’re one of them, making sure yours always looks good is a positive thing. Knowing the unhealthy habits will also go a long way in maintaining your beautiful hair.

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  1. I actually made few changes and my hair fall stopped.
    Like, I stopped putting hands again and again on hair, generally people have a habit to keep touching their hair, that send bacteria to the hair.
    Also, I started wearing cap when I’m out in sun, it protected my hair.
    Then oil massage of mustard oil suits me.
    In summer I apply heena+egg+olive oil/coconut oil in hair. 🙂
    Btw, love your style of writing blog.

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