7 Must-See Christmas Movies & Christmas Playlist

7 Must-See Christmas Movies & Christmas Playlist

Christmas is around the corner so it’s high time to watch some Christmas movies, right? Also, Christmas music is on and I diffuse my favorite Christmas Tree Blend writing this for you guys :). I only miss some Polish pierogies with cabbage and mushrooms to feel the “real” spirit of Christmas :).

We all have our favorite movies, but I tried to create the list of must-see Christmas movies that you can go back whenever the time of Christmas is coming. I have asked my Instagram followers (on insta stories) what their favorite Christmas movie is yesterday and I’m happy to say that all of those I’m about to list appear to be someone’s (if not more) favorite.

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8 Must-See Drama Movies

Fall is the season when you can get cozy and snuggly under the blanket and watch some good movies. Whether they’re new or the old classics that are worth seeing.

I’ve created a list of drama movies that I could watch over and over again, because they’re that good. If you haven’t seen them, I think you must see them. I promise, your time won’t be wasted.

I, also, like lighting a candle while watching a movie 🙂

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