Skincare Tips To Help You Survive The Hotter Months

Skincare Tips To Help You Survive The Hotter Months

As the hotter month approach, we ditch the many layers we usually wear and opt for light, breathable fabrics baring our silky smooth legs and whipping out the sunnies to protect our eyes from Miss Sunshine’s rays. Our skin is vulnerable, and it’s the largest organ when it comes to the body, so we need to protect it. Whatever skin type you have, whether it’s normal, dry, sensitive or oily, you should be looking after your skin throughout the spring and summer regardless. So here are some skin care tips to stick by to keep your skin looking the best it can be.

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Can’t Stand The Heat? 5 Ways To Stay Cool At Home This Summer

Summer is in full swing, the sun is blazing hot outside, and you are desperate to cool down. You head indoors hoping to get a little solace from Earth’s burning star, but your home is no escape. It’s as hot indoors as it is outdoors. What are you supposed to do? Short of taking a bath filled with ice or sticking your head in the refrigerator for an hour, there are other, perhaps more sensible things you can do when the weather gets you down. Here are five ways to stay cool at home this summer.

You’re going to need a bigger fan (image source)

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Are You Beach Ready?

The summer is here, and when the sun comes out that can really only mean one thing: it’s time to hit the beach! Is there anything better than heading down to the beach with family and friends on a hot day to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand? Of course, there isn’t! Of course, that being said, if you’re not properly prepared for your day at the beach then the whole thing can turn into a total nightmare! Here are a few things that you need to think about in order to make sure that you’re totally beach ready!

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How to Get Ready for a Garden Party

Now that summer is here, you will probably be looking to spend as much time outdoors as you possibly can. And one of your best ways of doing this is by hosting your very own garden party. Inviting some friends and family over to enjoy your outdoor space while enjoying some fantastic food and drink sounds pretty great, right? If you are finding the idea a little overwhelming as there is so much to plan, here is a quick list of the essentials that you need to tick off in order to host a great event.

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