Five Things Guests Will Remember At A Wedding

There are many elements to a wedding that will be memorable to you. Perhaps it’s seeing your partner as you walk down the aisle or having your first dance in front of family and friends. But what do guests remember? Here are five things guests remember at a wedding.

The Music

Without good music, it’ll be tough to get your guests up on their feet and dancing. Therefore, you want to put some thought into your wedding music throughout the day. Are you looking at using the same type of music throughout or would like something different during each element of the day. Think about what you’d like for your ceremony and while your guests are waiting for the brides arrival. Consider some filler music for when guests are enjoying the reception and then of course what you want to be played in the evening. The more you wow your guests, the better so seek out some wedding band inspiration here.

How Efficient The Day Is

The last thing you want is bored guests and that can sometimes happen if things don’t run efficiently or on time. Sure they’ll keep themselves occupied but they’ll certainly become a little restless if the wedding photos take too long or speeches overrun. A good wedding planner may be needed or event manager to help keep to timings.

Food And Drink

Although the bride and groom do end up spending a fair amount for the wedding, each of your guests will be finding nearby accommodation, will pay for new outfits and will need spending money for drinks throughout the day. So with that in mind, ensure that you’ve catered enough food for the day and evening. Anyone who is there for the whole day will need to be well fed and watered. There will be plenty of drinks packages to choose from and maybe you want to provide your guests with a free drink as the wedding favor.

The Dress

As it’s the brides biggest day of her life, the dress needs to show her off in the best possible way. It doesn’t need to necessarily be expensive but there needs to be a lot of work when it comes to shopping for dresses and finding the one that will hopefully bring a tear to everyone’s eye. Make sure you’ve got a few ideas in mind for the fit and materials you’d like. However, it’s good to be open when going for appointments as you may end up falling in love with something that you wouldn’t have even thought of trying before.

The Wedding Venue

Whether you decide to hold the whole day within the one venue or you have a ceremony at a church or other location, the venue for your wedding and reception is probably the thing that most guests will remember. You also want your venue to be perfect for you as a couple because its a place where you are celebrating such a momentous occasion. Think about what you require when venue hunting but also how easy it is to get to it for your wedding guests and make sure that there’s ample accommodation for your guests that can’t stay on site.

The day itself should always be about the couple getting married but it is also nice to ensure you’ve thought about your guests too.

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  1. Before I read your post, I thought about my children’s own wedding and what people have said about them and what they still say about them. We had one destination wedding with just the reception here and two weddings/receptions here and we still have people talking about the band, the food , and where the event was held. We tried to get everything perfect and this is what people remembered. We also let people take apart the centerpieces and take what pieces they wanted home, if they wanted, at the end of the night. People still talk about that and still have them.

    1. ☺🌷 the most important thing is to enjoy this day to the fullest!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m days away from my own wedding and your post reassures me that my fiancée and I are on the right track! 😄

  3. I’m only engaged an all we ant is a simple 300£ pound wedding at the local council, but due to constant job shortages and contrast living from mother to hand well never get married till or 60 lol

    1. Oh sorry about that, but in my opinion small weddings are the best 🙂

  4. When we have events like family reunions or weddings, I always remember the music! When you hear certain songs weeks or even years later you ALWAYS remember that particular point of the wedding where everyone was dancing and having a good time! Thanks for sharing!

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