Dazzling Dubai: The Destination That Has It All

Are you looking for inspiration for your next vacation? Are you interested in relaxation and retail therapy as well as seeing the sights? Are you a sun-worshipper or a lover of luxury? If so, why not make Dubai your next stop?

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What’s so brilliant about Dubai?

When you hear the word Dubai, what pops into your head? Most people think of the futuristic buildings and opulent designer malls. It’s true that you’ll encounter skyscrapers and lavish hotels on your travels, but there’s so much more to Dubai than expensive shops and penthouse suites. There’s a chance to enjoy some truly incredible experiences and try your hand at activities you may never have even heard of before.

Dubai is a land of contrasts, and you don’t have to spend all your time sipping on cocktails, shopping or dining in the lap of luxury. If you’re keen to escape the madding crowds of the hotels on the infamous Palm, why not make for the tranquility of the desert? The beauty of a vacation in Dubai is that it offers so much diversity. One day you can be swimming with dolphins or relaxing at a beach club. The next you can be riding camels across the golden sands or enjoying the thrill of navigating the dunes on a buggy safari. You can soar high above the city streets in a hot air balloon or even test your mettle with a sky dive. If you are a fan of retail therapy, hit the street markets and haggle for bargains. You’ll find everything from handmade jewelry to artisan crafts and organic foods.

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Planning your Dubai vacation

There’s an assumption that Dubai is an incredibly expensive vacation option, but Dubai deals are available throughout the year. You could spend a fortune if you wanted to stay at the more exclusive hotels, but there are much cheaper options available. Set a budget that you feel comfortable with and then tailor your search to find flights and hotels that are affordable. People travel to Dubai for short breaks and extended vacations, so it’s up to you how long you want to visit for. Dubai enjoys hot weather all year round, but in the summer, temperatures can reach over 40 degrees. If you’re not a fan of the heat, it’s best to visit in the winter or spring months.

When you’ve found a package you like the look of, take a minute to read some reviews, and check out some activities and excursions. You may be able to book while you’re there, but often, reserving in advance can save you money. If you’re thinking of booking some of the more well-known restaurants or you’re keen to spend the day at a beach club, it’s worth putting your name down early.

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Are you looking for a vacation destination that ticks every box? If so, why not book a trip to Dubai? Here, you can chill out on the beach, hit the water, shop up a storm or enjoy the peace and beauty of the desert.

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  1. I would love to visit Dubai someday, it’s on my boyfriend’s list of places to see when we start our traveling worldly (:

  2. My wife & I were in Dubai in June of this year, and we managed to be shown around the hotel in your first picture – very WOW -ish . . .check my blog for photos of the inside of this hotel

    We were also in Dubai last year after leaving a cruise – we had a few days and enjoyed ourselves before flying home – what a change from my first visit to Dubai in 1963! :-o)

  3. Oh there are certainly many things to do in Dubai! Sand buggy racing, a hot air ballooning very early in the morning over the desert, driving range at the local golf club in the middle of the city. And of couse a lot of shopping too!

  4. I seems like I’m in an advertising spot. But I have to admit, Dubai is a dream place where everyone wants to be. Been you already there on your vacation? If so, what are your personal experiences?
    Best regards, Heidi

  5. Absolutely Dubai is one of the best travel destination in the world especially when you like the adventurous thrills.

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