The Jewelry Planet Is Here

Jewelify is the revolutionary new social media marketplace just for the jewelry.

If you sell, create or design jewelry and want to become a vendor  – this is the place just for you!

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If you are simply a lover of jewelry, like myself, this site is the place to find out what the latest trends are and to discover bold, new fashion statements and to get your hands on stylish pieces at a great price.

My earrings are from GENEVIVE

The social media aspect means that your products will consistently be talked about, shared amongst friends and shared on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Other users will share articles about the latest trends in the jewelry world, and you can hear first from the leading experts in the field.

My bracelets are from Chrysalis

This website is literally a community created just for jewelry, hence the metaphor of it being a ‘planet’.

My bracelet is from Mariana Ferreiro

Jewelify is an e-commerce platform combined with social media, which has just launched. Be the first to sign up and start adding to the jewelry community!

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27 thoughts on “The Jewelry Planet Is Here

  1. Hi, Ula! I didn’t get a chance to thank you for following my blog. Thank you! I like the idea of this company, because finding a compilation of pieces can get exhausting. Thanks, for sharing!

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