Practical Fashion Hacks For The Stylishly Challenged

Unfortunately, we’re not all born with a natural sense of style. In fact, for some of us, looking stylish and fashionable can be a real challenge! This can make shopping quite overwhelming, as it can be very difficult to know where to start when you hit the shops. But don’t worry, there are some really easy ways to make fashion a lot more fun. For starters, you just need to follow these practical fashion hacks.


Figure Out What Works And What Doesn’t

Everyone has their own unique body shape and skin tone, and this means that different clothes look better on different people. If you aren’t entirely sure which shapes and styles of clothes will suit you best, take a look at some online body type guides for ideas and tips. It is also important that you factor in your skin tone when you are looking for clothes as well. Certain skin types suit some shades and colors and not others.

Look For Inspiration

It’s a good idea to start reading fashion magazines and following a few different fashion bloggers. That way, you will always have plenty of sources of inspiration. For instance, a blogger might write a post about the best watches for women, which will give you an idea of current watch styles. You will find it useful to search through blogs and magazines to find articles about certain clothes and accessories, as they will be filled with all the current styles and trends.

Shop On Your Own

Lots of girls hit the shops together and make a day of it. They might do a couple of hours of shopping and then treat themselves to lunch at their favorite restaurant. This may sound like a great way to spend a day on the surface. However, it can often be the complete opposite. Girly shopping days can often become quite stressful as everyone has their own ideas of the things they are after. You might end up getting dragged to a shop that you don’t particularly like! If you want to enjoy the day, the best thing you can do is go shopping on your own. That way, you can take as long as you want in the best shops for you. And you won’t be pressurized into buying something you don’t like!

Favor Neutral Shades

Sure, bright-colored clothes look cool and funky, but are you sure that you can pull them off? You certainly need a lot of fashion confidence to look great in bold colors. If you aren’t sure you have what it takes to strut your stuff, it’s best to stick with neutral shades. These are also a lot easier to mix and match with other clothes so you will get a lot more wears out of them!

Fashion and style should be fun and easy. If you find it more of a chore, you need to rethink your clothing choices. Hopefully, all of the great fashion hacks in this blog post will help you with that!

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  1. Nice post Ula. Fashion and style is perhaps the desire of every girl.
    So, this post can help in resolving many challenges faced by ladies regarding what and how to choose.
    Good work.

  2. Good post! It took me so long to realize that I just could not wear the same styles that tall girls could wear! Long flowing skirts…sure, I figured that I could wear those! WRONG! I looked like a walking potato sack…even when I weighed 105 lbs! So…you just have to find a style that works for you! Guess that I was a reluctant learner!!

  3. Good one Ula….I grew up being very simple..because thats the way my parents are….but society around me did not let me stay that way and demanded more of me. The so called “fashion sense” took birth a little late and I am ok with that. Because usually I wear depending on moods more often…..but of course dress to the occasion. Thanks for sharing….it helps.

  4. Thanks for this post! I’m quite self-conscious that the colour palette of my wardrobe is limited to blue, black, white, grey and green (with some pink thrown in) but I’ve since come to realise that I’m actually dressing to my skin tone, as reds and browns make my skin look blotchy and my eyes look tired 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing your Blog. Very helpful tips 😊 As I can I like to dress western style but not many is into that . And I respect that . I agree shopping alone is better for you. That way there is no pressure at all. 😊😊

  6. I never really thought about the neutral colors in this way before, but I can see how it might make it easier for people who aren’t sure how to be stylish. It also is a good point for all women to build some classic pieces that can mix and match with everything.

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