Four Exercises That All Women Need To Be Doing

Building up your strength is an important way to take care of your body and your health. You will be stronger, have better posture, and will fit your clothes better too. But for women especially, there are endless reasons why using strength training can be beneficial. It can help mental health as well as physical, as it can act as a release or a stress buster. So why should women be hitting the gym and doing strength training? If those reasons, weren’t enough, here are some workouts that women especially need to be doing. So why not give them a try next time you’re out in the gym?

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Lateral Lunges

We all know what a traditional lunge is like, going backward and forwards with one leg and then the other. It can get a little tedious and boring. But one great way to mix things up is to do some lateral lunges instead. Women have wider hips than men, which is pretty obvious. But what might not be obvious is that it can put us women at more of a risk of damaging our ACL in our knee. Lateral lunges reduce this risk massively, as it is helps to stabilize your hips and knee. So if you ever find regular lunges hurt your knee, these are going to be much better ones for you.

Kettlebell Squat and Press

Kettlebells are such a good tool to work out with. They are so much easier to hold than a dumbbell, and they really help to raise your heart rate. But the reason why this exercise, squat and press with a kettlebell, is so good for women, is that it is a really functional movement. How many times do you need to squat down to lift something and then move it high above your head; to get it in a cabinet at home, for example? This means you can be doing it all by yourself and not having to ask for help. It builds all over body strength which will help to keep you looking lean too.

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Row with TRX Cables

If you don’t have TRX cables set up in your gym, then this might be tricky to do, unless you use something like a Smith machine and used a fixed bar at a higher height. Otherwise, go for it! There are many benefits to help to strengthen your back muscles and your core. All of which are going to be very beneficial to your body and your posture. Leading to you holding yourself better and looking taller and more confident. For some similar workout ideas, you could look up more workouts for women at a site like Top Workout Programs, for instance. There are more workouts that are suitable just for females than you might imagine!


Let’s face it, we all know squats help us to have a better rear end. Even if you don’t want to change the look of your rear massively, then squats can help to strengthen your knees, much like a lateral lunge. You can step it up by adding in a kettlebell, some hand weights, or a weighted bar. But bodyweight squats will still be doing plenty of good.

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  1. Yes to strength training! Always baffled when people don’t understand the importance and benefits of it. I absolutely love squatting with kettle bells

  2. Now I am a bit upset because I am still don’t the do nothing… Before I enjoyed zumba class and box. After pregnant is no easy for my start again… first 6 months I couldn’t do any exercises and now I don’t know how to bring my power back.. I try one a week and next day give up. But anyway during the pregnant and after help me a lot my good condition from what I am happy 😊

    1. Oh, so I really really hope that you’ll find your mojo and get back to it ☺, but I can say that it’s only harder first couple of days and then it’ll be easier ☺🌻

      1. Yes is true 😊 my problem is when I starting I would like do everyday and afters is too hard and I am give up… i need try do small steps. Wish me good luck 😊👍

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