New House, New Dog

There’s nothing better than moving into a brand-new home, especially if you’ve just purchased it yourself. It is so difficult to buy a new home and to be able to achieve something like that is nothing short of a big tick on the bucket list. You may be getting ready for moving day and while doing it, hear all the old wives’ tales of ‘new house, new baby’.

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If you aren’t quite ready for a baby yet, you may instead change it up a little and get your first pet for your new home. Bringing a new dog into the family is never easy, but it’s done so often there are guides and articles and advice all over the place to help you adjust to your new pet. Before you adopt a dog and bring it home, you have to do some research on the breed of dog you want to adopt and how they will fit with your family. You’ll also need to research food, dog beds and the best dog treats around so you can train your dog properly. Add in looking at vets and their fees and you’ve a lot of information in front of you. When you finally go and pick up your dog, you need to follow some steps to help your dog settle in. We’ve put a short guide together for you so that you can help your whole family adjust to the new addition to the family.

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  1. Keep Your Cool. It’s an exciting time, picking up a new dog. You may be tempted to lavish the love and be excited when you say hello to your new pet. However, keeping calm is essential. Accept the dog into your home and let her have the space to explore and find their own feet. The change from a familiar place to a foreign one is hard for a pet.
  2. Go For A Walk. That first walk on the leash is a voyage of discovery for a dog. They’ll sniff out the local neighborhood and has two purposes. The first is to help the dog dispense of their energy from all the excitement and nervousness of changing homes, the second is that they need to get used to the area and all the smells it brings. It will help them settle to know that their new surroundings are the new familiar.
  3. Calm Introductions. When you get back from your long walk around the local area, you should have the dog sit at the front door still on the leash. Introduce them to the house they will be living in by walking through the threshold first, demonstrating that you are the one in charge.
  4. Take A Tour. When you get inside, go from room to room, but do it on the leash. Show your new pet the feeding area, the sleeping area and let them see their new surroundings by your side.

Your new dog needs introducing to your home in a calm manner and a way that shows you are still in charge. Enjoy your new family member!

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23 thoughts on “New House, New Dog

  1. Well if you have got a backyard, you can be enjoying a magnificent pet as a dog and if your home has wooden planks in the ground… according to my mom words ” the dog can be awaiting… to better time”

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  2. Thanks so much for this post. Excellent advice! I know from experience it is hard to stay calm when you bring your new family member home — so when the time comes once again, I will keep this information in mind.

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  3. WordPress synergy strikes again!
    I also just published a “dogs are great” post about my wife’s new puppy — how well the breed works for us, what it was like picking her out, and how fun it’s been watching her grow and develop. I even gleaned an inspiring life lesson from her!​the-zoe-dogalectic/
    Thanks for a post with such important and practical information!

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  4. All so true and well said. Like the previous person mentioned, it is so hard to keep calm when all are excited about the newest family member, but taking the time in the beginning really will pay off in the end. Thanks for the post.

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  5. Tacettin Bircan

    My last share was about the dog. It was compatible with your sharing. Thank you very much for liking my writings as you follow my blog.

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  6. We just moved into our first apartment and already my boyfriend wants a dog! I told him we need to be able to take care of ourselves before we bring an animal into the mix cause I don’t want it to be neglected or malnourished cause we’re being stretched too thin. All pets deserve love and an environment they enjoy (:

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