Losing Weight? Watch What You Drink!

It seems like most of us are in a constant cycle of weight loss. There’s always a holiday that we need to tone up for, there is always something we need to fit in, there’s always a dress size too small for us. We are in this cycle simply because we always seem to be looking for short term results. Why do we want to slim down for a holiday when toning up for life will have much better results? Maybe we just need a small goal for big results? Maybe it makes it that much easier for us? Possibly, but look at diets – most diet plans are temporary measures. We need lifestyle changes if we want, well – changes for our life! If we want long term results, we need to make big changes, through the small things we do each day.

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Now, often enough we spend a lot of time paying a lot of attention to the food we are eating. This is for good reason. When you’re trying to lose weight, you are going to want to watch what you eat. You’ll look to eat less fried foods, less processed foods, and less fat. You’ll stay away from fried chicken, sweets, cakes and other things – because of course, these will not help you lose weight.

While this is the most natural thing to do, if you’re drinking whatever you want while restricting your food diet, you’re missing out on a big area. If you’re downing sodas, beers and wine while trying to lose weight, you might find it a lot harder to shift that weight. You might want to check the calories in a standard bottle of beer – because the carbs can amount to seven slices of bread. Be careful.

In fact, liquids can do a lot of damage to our weight. Foods high in sugar like sodas and fruit juices need to go out the window if you are looking to lose weight. Fruit juices especially, as they are full of fructose without any of the fiber of the fruit, meaning they are full of seriously scary sugars.

Liquids and drinks can come to the rescue as well. There are plenty of liquid based food plans for those looking to lose weight. Huel is one of these – it’s total food replacement. There are also detox skinny tea sets available, and of course supplements. Whether you want to clean yourself out, control your eating, or give yourself energy, there’s a liquid based plan for you.

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The other side of this is not drinking enough liquids. A lot of people fear ‘water weight’ – but don’t worry. You’d rather be worried about H20 bloating you than suffering dehydration, right? Ensure you are constantly drinking water throughout the day. You want to get about 3 litres down you on a normal day and in other circumstances, you might need more. Track your water drinking and make sure you are doing enough to get your fill of water.

Ignoring the role that liquids and drinks play in our health regimes can lead to disaster. Make sure you fill up and hydrate with the right drinks. Otherwise you won’t be losing much weight at all!

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  1. I was talking to my doctor today and she told me something that surprised even her. She had looked up the calorie information of craft beers and it turned out that some of them can have up to 900 calories in a bottle.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Sugar based beverages and alcohol products such as beer and wine are not conducive to weight loss. This is why so many Americans have what appears to be a NASCAR tire permanently attached around their waists. LOL.

  3. this is so so true. I heavily suffer from drinking my calories every now and then especially with my coffee. As of late I was addicted to coffee with condensed milk and evaporated milk which makes it sinfully delicious for me but also contains enough carbs and sugar to last me the whole day without eating!

  4. The challenge these days is that most packaged drinks have sugar in it. Perhaps we need to get back to “old fashioned” plain water instead!

  5. Can’t beat water – it’s natural and hydrating. I also like to have green tea when I feel like a bit of a detox, with a little bit of lemon juice in it 😊

  6. Naturaly food, no fast food, no ready meals, no sweets, no alcohole. Selve cooking, fresh food, meat only 2 times in a mounth and drinking a lot of tea, using the power of wilde herbs. Than you can eat so much you want, you never be hungry. This works. And forget all this hollywood deit thinks…. lol.

  7. Great advice! It is important to balance and pay special attention to our diet and our beverage consumption. A lifestyle change is necessary for us to not only lose weight if that is the goal but also stay healthy and keep it off in the long run. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Have a great day!

  8. I drink a lot of water so that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about. But as I sit here drinking a cider, I’m now thinking this is how I keep the weight on..! 🙂

  9. Great article, and good on you for advocating healthy choices!

    “Let thy medicine be thy food, and thy good be thy medicine.”

    Being born in Texas, Dr. Pepper, Big Red, and eating steak was like the state sport. Very difficult to break from that and create new habits!


  10. Water helps speed up the metabolism as well. So it is important to drink a lot of water throughout the day. It is funny, we find it so hard to drink a few bottles of water in a single day, but we can down several drinks at the bar in a few hours.

  11. Very true this “Ignoring the role that liquids and drinks play in our health regimes can lead to disaster.”
    It’s unfrotunate, but alcohol contains a lot of calories (7 per gram to be exact!) and that adds up very quickly as you sip 🙁
    For wine for example, a standard glass (and that’s not even a big one) contains 120 to 170 calories. 2 Glasses of California Cabernet (a big wine this is) can contain as many calorie as a Mars bar!
    Anyway, it’s important to know. I published a blog post summarizing all these fact about Calories in wine here http://socialvignerons.com/2017/03/15/calories-in-wine-top-7-facts/
    Thanks for this interesting piece 🙂 Best. Julien

  12. A great article .. we often miss out the drinks. Well the sugary drinks are deliciously sinful ☺️ we often end up drinking them 😉

  13. Amazing read! I’m glad I came across this article. Yes, it’s true that you must cut out fried and processed food to target your goal weight when you are trying to lose weight as a person. But when you’re going out and socialize, the number of calories in each drink is often lost err go the dreaded belly is developed.

    My page is about preventing the development of Type 2 Diabetes, so it’s interesting to read the number of calories there are in beverages so it would be great to look into especially that summer is around the corner.

    Best regards from Sydney Australia.

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