You’re Not Bored, You’re Boring!

When you’re a kid, it’s really easy to end up feeling bored. After all, you’re stuck doing what you’re told, you have to spend most of your time at school, and the rest of it stuck at home. You have very little power over your life, and you rarely get the chance to do the things that you really want. That being said, once you’re an adult, you’re officially out of excuses for feeling bored. Sure, you still have to go to work every day, and you’ve got plenty of responsibilities, but even the busiest person has at least a little free time, and you have no excuse for spending it being bored. The truth is, it’s more likely that you’re not bored, you’re boring. Don’t worry though; you’re not stuck that way. Here are a few ways to break out of your cage and make sure that you’re never bored again.

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Be spontaneous

Routine is the opposite of excitement. Sure, routines are important for getting the important stuff done throughout the day, but if you spent your life being ruled by the same old routine, then you’re never going to find any real satisfaction in it. So break that routine. Do something spontaneous. Get a belly button piercing, hop on the next flight to anywhere, head to a local music night to see bands that you’ve never heard of. Even doing something simple that you wouldn’t normally do can make a big difference to how you feel. Order something unusual next time you go out to eat instead of the same old thing that you always have. Once you start being spontaneous, you’ll find that you’ll have no desire to get back to your old routine.

Get out of your comfort zone

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A lot of people are so afraid to try something new that they never even bother. Sure, that fear can sometimes be a good thing since it can keep you grounded, but it also shuts you off from some truly wonderful experiences. Most of the time the fear that you’re feeling is at its highest right before you do something new, but when you do it, you’re often just left with the rush of it. It’s like skydiving. The scariest part isn’t jumping out of a plane, but the moment right before you do it. Once you’re out, then all you’re left with the is sheer joy of what you’re doing.

Make things

The reason that a lot of people end up feeling so bored is that they feel as though their time is being wasted. After all, if you spend all day staring at the TV or scrolling through Twitter, what do you have to show for it? Nothing. So why not use that time to do something productive? Make something. It doesn’t have to be an artistic masterpiece, but having something to show for your time lets you feel far more in control of it. Learn an instrument, get some paints and a canvas. Whatever it is, making something is always a more valuable use of your time than sitting around feeling bored.

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  1. We were never really bored as kids, always had to find new ways to entertain ourselves, I think kids now-a-days don’t know how to do this and some of us from the older generation have forgotten too Great post 🙂

  2. My mum used to say to us kids, “There’s no such thing as Bored”, and thus we developed our own fun, and never told our gorgeous mum, we were B—- , and as my life has panned out, there’s never been a “Dull” moment….

  3. The title immediately caught my attention. In South Africa one of the widely spoken languages is Afrikaans. ‘Bored’ in Afrikaans is ‘verveeld’ but I’m always amazed at how often people use ‘vervelig’ which is ‘boring’. ,They would say “Ek is vervelig” “I am boring”, instead of “Ek is verveeld”, “I am bored”. So now I know they were inadvertently received right! 😂 Great post.

  4. Loved this post! When I was a kid I always felt bored but thankfully, now I’m old (haha!) I’m never ever bored! Got to go, so much to do. Hayley 😊

  5. The older I’m getting, I’m realizing that TIME is precious and very important and do find myself thinking of ways to use every ounce of time wisely, doing something productive. Loved the post!!

  6. When we were kids we always had best time of our life, the days spent awesome that time we want to be grow older but now feeling like want to be kid again😕

  7. Brilliant post, you are right routine is so boring! It’s great to be spontaneous once in a while, thankyou for sharing 😊X

  8. 7 or 8 years ago, folks close to me could always tell when I was out of my comfort zone; I appeared irritable and agitated.

    These days those same folks know when I’ve been in my comfort zone too long; I appear irritable and agitated.

    The difference?

    I started doing things. Different things. I made a vow to myself (around the age of 42) that I’d say “yes” more often, especially when “yes” scared me.

    There was a transition and, over time, I found that “no” was just as important as yes, but I learned to know the difference between (a) things that thrilled me that I had denied myself, and (b) things I had denied that I was better off without.

    Plus, I always order something different on the menu, now. Often at the last possible second. 😉

    Great post!

  9. Hi Ula:
    I come from an era where as a child I was allowed to roam free in the small town I lived in. I never had time to be bored but better yet to be motivated. I was the water boy that packed all the water, wood and coal. When the street lights came on that was my signal to be home.
    Later in life I sought to learn new things, continuing my education through much correspondence while working. I often set aside hobbies until the day I retired. The problem is I have so many I seem to run out of time.
    Excellent post and I love your attitude, your words come from the heart…

    Hugs from Canada

  10. Hi Ula
    I love this post as I have never been bored – there is always something interesting and fulfilling to do.
    I want to say thanks so much for following my blog – such a nice surprise. Now that I have found your blog, I have lots of interesting reading to look forward to.
    Thanks again – best wishes – Margaret

  11. We all need something that is new every day. It’s an everyday challenge for our mind. Making new things won’t get your bored and you won’t be a boring person as well.

  12. Ula…Mi rutina tiene un montón de desafíos diarios, si no los hay los creo, si no los puedo crear los invento dándole vueltas en mi cerebro, y si no blasfemo sobre ellos, para mis adentros, o también los sueño, la rutina no arruina tu estamento, debes controlar la actividad de tu pensamiento…
    Ula … My routine has a lot of daily challenges, if there are not I create them, if I can not create the inventions spinning in my brain, and if I do not blaspheme them, to myself, or I also dream them, the Routine does not ruin your estate, you must control the activity of your thought …

  13. It’s never too late to stop being boring. I started at 45! I jumped out of a plane, ran a marathon, got back into hiking and jumped 3 more times. You’ll never look at the sky or life the same way again.

  14. “Getting out of comfort Zone” I think the key lies there, to break the monotony, order, Discipline and what not ! One needs to actually break free and in doing so you discover lot of “Interesting” things that bring back the mojo ! That one point you make is the key take away !!👍

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