How Young-You Can Help Future Older-You

There are some things in life that seem to be the preserve of those over the age of sixty. Pensions, for one thing – how many people under the age of 30 have given much more than a passing thought to their pension? Then there’s the health concerns; osteoporosis and loss of collagen are things that happen to older people, so they barely pass through the mind of someone who is yet to come close to approaching those ages.

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However, there is a potential downside to pushing everything to the back of your mind and acting as if your later years aren’t ever going to happen. Of course, you should enjoy your youth – but sparing a little thought for Older You won’t go amiss either. In fact, to guarantee that you enjoy life for the next 50 years rather than just the next five, it’s well worth thinking about how you can keep yourself fit and healthy in the future – so you can be sure that future is thoroughly enjoyable.

Of course, this is easier said than done if you have never thought about these things before – so where do you begin?

1. Yoga and Meditation

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If you don’t do them, start. It really is that simple.

There is even scientific backing for the benefits of yoga and meditation, to the point where some studies indicate meditation alone may help to delay aging. If you have never dabbled in this world before, then start slowly, follow guided meditations, and begin yoga with a few tester videos from YouTube. By getting into the habit now, Young You is guaranteeing that Older You will have a more enjoyable later life.

2. Supplement The Right Way

Over the age of 21, thinking about the future health of your body is a sensible choice. Supplements are a big part of that, designed to help replenish that which nature strips away as we age. Collagen, calcium, and magnesium are important places to start. Opting for ionic or plant-based solutions such as Trace Minerals or AlgaeCal is even better. By improving the health of your joints and bones, as experienced by those who left these AlgaeCal reviews, you can ensure your mobility in your later years – meaning you can travel and experience the world at its best, for longer.

3. Develop A Skincare Regime

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When it comes to good skincare, prevention is definitely better than cure. You might look at your unlined face and think that you don’t need to worry about anti-aging, but it’s worth remembering that it’s not just age that can cause facial lines. Expression lines can be a problem for any age, as can those that happen due to simple things like the position you take when you’re asleep at night.

Getting to grips with a good skincare regime can help to tackle those problems before they even begin. Common wisdom suggests a good cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing regime is all you need to keep your skin in good condition. If you’re feeling adventurous, then early use of facial acids can improve the skin of Young You – and Older You will be able to reap the benefits, too! Of course, if you’re not feeling adventurous, then that’s totally fine too – and you still have options when it comes to giving your skin a little extra boost. For example, Beverly Hills MD‘s Dermal Repair Complex supplement could really help to improve the appearance of your skin by making it look firmer and more radiant with wrinkles also appearing reduced. Everyone is their own unique self, so it’s all about finding what works for you and sticking to that.

So while your golden years might be awhile away yet, by practicing the above, you can be sure you will be looking and feeling as good as possible for many years to come.

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  1. We’re suffering contradiction in the modern times, Europe’s running in neoliberalism policies and no thinking about future or golden jubilee, we can be touching wood in order to living it up present and therapies as yoga besides mediterranean food…
    The future a terrific word and quoting Bob Dylan times are a-changing and could be from bad to worse times…
    Relying on yourself and nice post.

  2. Hi, lots of your points rang true for me, it’s only as I have gotten older that I have realised I should have taken better care of myself at University! Thanks for the reminder that it’s never too late

  3. I love the sleeping on your back tips. It’s so hard for me to sleep on my back (although I’ve tried). I’m going out to buy me a silk pillowcase because of your suggestion…thank you!

  4. In Australia we have a compulsory system that 9.5% of wages go in to an account of every worker (in their name, unlike like a tax). Workers are encouraged to contribute extra, the hope being that they will have enough for retirement and not be a burden on the tax payers of the future. It works well and has been in force since the early 1990’s .

  5. Well put. Thomas Merton once said that if the you of five years ago doesn’t think the you of today is a heretic, then you haven’t grown spiritually.

  6. So true! And it’s never too late to start! Because you’re younger today than you will be tomorrow! 😉

  7. I really need to up my skin care. I am always afraid that things will make me break out. Any skin care recommendations? Also I’ve heard great things about meditation and have been meaning to try.

    1. It is also never too late. I learned the hard way with health issues in my mid 40s but I’ve made changes, not least by starting out with Yoga (no laugh for a man of 45 with zero fleibility), meditation and now regular gym-going. Physically at least the 50-year-old me is in better shape than 20-year old me ever was. I do wish I’d started earlier though, when I wasn’t quite so creaky!

      1. I’m with you! That’s encouraging to hear that you’ve improved your health! I’m trying to do just that so that when I’m older I can have good quality of life and be in good enough shape to care for myself and enjoy those later years.

  8. I am only 34 but I have already realised what damages I made to my own organism during my 20s. We used to smoke, to eat salads with chicken, to overtrain in the gym, to party every second week and of course to drink cola light very frequently. No vitamins, no versatile eating….
    Nowadays, I am trying to live a more sensible life. I am sure that my stress level goes beyond the normal limit, but this does not depend only on me. I should get annoyed by my surroundings less.

  9. Hello Simple Ula, my first time writing to one of your posts, but I really enjoy it! Thank you for writing a lot of great ideas, and your blog is really easy to read and well-laid out. Looking forward to trying some of those ideas to improve my sleep. 😉

  10. Such wonderful thoughts it’s so important to take care of your health today we are so busy running that we forget that if we don’t stay healthy we cannot always be running I wish more younger people read this

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