10 Ways To Shed The Pounds Quickly

Weight loss can be a nightmare task; it can take months and months of hard labor. Hitting the gym every couple of days, eating an endless supply of lettuce and avoid your favorite takeaway can be difficult.

If you are coming up to a big event and want to squeeze into that dress, or even if you are just looking to lose the pounds for the holidays; losing weight rapidly is what we all crave. And there are some simple lifestyle changes you can implement to make your dreams come to fruition much quicker.

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1. Follow A Diet Plan

There are plenty of great diet plans out there which promise great results in a short amount of time. There are ones such as the military diet which claims to help you lose 10 pounds in three days, or the ketogenic diet which helps you cut down on carbs and focus on protein. The shake that weight guide to ketogenic diets is a helpful guide which can help you through a low-carb diet, offering support and meal ideas to save you having to work out what you can and can’t eat.

2. Drink Up

Drinking water throughout the day is not only good for cleansing your body of toxins, but it is also a fantastic tool for reducing your appetite. If you want to lose weight quickly; drink water when you feel hungry. The feelings of dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, so always drink when you feel hungry. If after 10 minutes you are still hungry, go ahead and eat some fruit.

3. Go Green

Green is the color of healthy foods. Stock up on lettuce, broccoli, kale and spinach, and try to add these to every meal you eat. The addition of fibrous protein to your stomach will aid digestion, help you feel fuller for longer and add essential vitamins and minerals to your body.

4. Cut Down Portion Sizes

Buy smaller plates. Portion sizes are largely psychological. If you have a huge plate only half full, you’ll feel hungry afterwards. But if you have a small plate filled to the brim, your mind will be tricked into thinking it has had more.

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5. Try Low-Carb Alternatives

Ditch the bread pizza base and try out cauliflower instead. Swap out your pasta for spaghetti squash, and cut out the flour from your pancakes for a banana. Small changes to familiar meals are often the best way to stay on a diet. Instead of changing everything you eat, swap out small elements to make a healthier version of your favorite dishes.

6. Get Moving

If you really want to shed the pounds, you need to make an effort to get up and get the blood pumping. It is not only beneficial to your heart, but it helps you tone up and gain muscle weight rather than weight from fat. You’ll feel energized and healthier instantly. Follow YouTube videos if you don’t want to fork out for the gym, any movement is good movement.

7. Do Some Cardio

Running, swimming or cycling is a surefire way to create burn in your muscles and get your heart pumping. Try to do at least an hour each week.

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Sugary drinks, although delicious, hold no nutritional value. They are full of refined sugar, acidic and just generally not good for your gut. Ditch the fizzy drinks and instead try infusing your water with fruit. Lemon and Strawberry added to your water make it taste sweet and also boosts metabolism. You can buy infuser bottles easily online if you don’t want fruit floating around your drink.

9. Eat Slowly

When you eat, your body takes time to register the feeling of being full. This is why eating slowly can be a great aid to weight loss. Taking the time to chew your food and take breaks during a meal gives the food chance to hit your stomach, allowing it to send signals to your brain to tell you to stop eating. This is an excellent method to avoid overeating.

10. Count The Calories

Apps such as MyFitnessPal offer you a simple method of tracking your calories and hitting your goals for macro-nutrients throughout the day. Make sure to find out what your basic calorie intake should be according to your lifestyle, and use this information to limit what you eat through the day. If you can eat less than your body requires to function, then you will lose weight. This is why counting your calories is something many people recommend.

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      1. I had shared with them and they said that they are going to implement not all but atleast some of these… Thank you for wonderful post…

  1. These are very good tips indeed!
    Counting the calories does not necessarily lead to healthier eating. You can eat two plates of chocolate and still lose weight … 😉 😀
    I do prefer the healthier eating version. Some things are also individual; some people need more proteins than others. For me for example it is very important that I do not eat after 6 or 7 p.m. latest. Everything that I eat after that goes directly to the fat depot.

  2. I am a little on the heavier side. After I took up job after retirement, I can keep my weight at a desirable level. Sedentary life is a sure way for putting on weight.

  3. Nice article! I’ve lost 15 lbs the past years simply working out before dinner, turning all sandwiches into open faces (no need for 2 pieces of bread), lowering soda intake, and splitting high calorie foods with my dog. 😀

  4. These are all excellent tips!! A main pointer is to find more effective stress relief. It seems like people gain it back because they get stressed and they don’t have a proper stress reduction plan in place. Their have been studies comparing stress relief vs dieting. Most of the time the stress relief group is more likely to keep the weight off, and they lose weight purely because they are handling stress better.

  5. I’ll try a few! Thanks so much for your visits I appreciate you! 🌹🌹 Have a wonderful day ☀️☀️

  6. Hi, thanks for following me and like my post firstly, I strongly agree with your points of weight loss, I did a lot of research about the weight loss, I know the weight loss has become a big social problem in today’s society. But, there still have some girls really do not know what the principle of weight loss. I write a lot about weight loss methods, firstly we should focus on low carb that is caused by the sugar is the biggest part of weight loss I believe my campaign can help many girls know what the weight loss actually is and teach them to lose weight by using correct ways. Hope you can constant pay attention on my campaign. Thanks alot~

  7. Wow I really enjoyed reading this post! Cutting it down to just 10 things makes it a lot easier to digest. I would personly add to it that nutritional value such ad vitamins and minerals are more inportant than carbs and calorie intake. For example, if you choose to do a vegan diet, you will need to eat lots of calories, from what I have learned. I just started trying a new diet about a week ago, which some people might be willing to try, and I am already lost a few pounds.

  8. starting a health and fitness blog myself and found this really interesting. a lot of the things that i incorporate into my daily life popped up on here. x

  9. Loving your tips! Contradicting the typical “healthy habit” mojo, and sharing really helpful tips! Thanks!

    I have two “objections” (for lack of a better word):
    1. I wouldn’t recommend diets; rather change your lifestyle. LCHF is indeed a healthy choice, but the military diet is a crash diet, and very unhealthy if followed long term. Also not sustainable.
    2. Calorie counting CAN BE hazardous. It’s true that you should check that what goes in is less than what is burned, but the danger of limiting calories is that we then exclude some nutrients – some nutrient deficiencies actually contribute to weight gain. However, MyFitnessPal is indeed an awesome app that tracks not only macros, but those micros that we sometimes forget about.

    Great post! Thanks!

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