A Proposal to Remember

The build-up to a proposal is one wrought with nervousness, jitters, and a butterflies-in-the-stomach sensation that is akin to watching the winning lottery numbers match the ones on your ticket and, of course, the way you feel before the big day itself. Those planning to propose want it to be perfect, but it can be challenging to keep from raising suspicion.

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While there are tried and tested methods of proposal: a romantic walk along the beach, anniversary dinners, or even quiet, intimate moments when you are alone with your true love, there is always the opportunity to do more. There will (typically) only be one chance to propose, so why not go all out?

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For the romantic

Of course, all proposals are romantic in their own way. But for those of you who are all about that lovey-dovey, story-to-tell-the-grandkids kind of action making a romantic proposal can be so much more than a moonlit walk through the park.

After finding the perfect ring, perhaps in a selection of Tacori Engagement rings, you’re going to want to make the night as memorable as possible for your significant other. Consider taking a quick getaway to one of the many romantic cities the world has to offer that hasn’t been done to death.

The world is a far larger place than just Paris or Rome, and there are cheap deals to be found throughout the year. Whisking your loved one away on a surprise trip may wrap them up so entirely in excitement, that the actual question could come as a wonderful surprise.

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For the adventurous

Those of you that like a bit of adventure along with your relationship can always search for something that gets the adrenaline pumping before the proposal. Activities such as a mountain climb or a simple hike can lead to the whole getting down on one knee business overlooking a vast expanse of nature, perhaps under the stars.

Furthermore, trying something that neither of you has done before is an excellent way to take your spouse-to-be completely by surprise. Working through an adventure organisation will also allow you to have someone there, like a guide, who can capture the moment for you when they do, of course, say yes.

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For those who like a challenge

You ever seen The Amazing Race? This is the kind of thing we’re talking about here. Plotting out elaborate scavenger hunts that lead all across the city, and can perhaps revisit old memories for that added nostalgia will keep help build up anticipation for when the question does indeed pop.

Challenges are fun for everyone, and making the proposal a fun and exciting experience will give them a memory that they will not forget. Additionally, you can employ friends and family to take away a lot of the extra work that comes with planning such an exhaustive activity.

Of course, any unique proposal idea needs to be in line with what your future spouse will be comfortable with. If they’re one who loves a good party, then, by all means, have friends and family around. However, if they are more reserved and uncomfortable with attention, choosing to propose in a big song and dance may backfire. That being said, you should know them well enough by the time a proposal feels right that this should not be an issue.

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  1. Me case un 4 de diciembre del 2004. Me pidio matrimonio despues de dos años de novios. Con un total de 15 años juntos. Fue especial y sencillo. A la antigua. Junto con mi familia en una cena. Me recordaste ese dia.


    I marry a December 4, 2004. He asked marriage, after two years of dating. A total of 15 years together. It was special and simple. Together with my family at a dinner. I remembered that day.

    Thank you.

  2. So sweet… my favorite is the “Marry Me” on the beach… I wish I was on the beach right now instead of freezing, 🙂

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