Tips And Tricks For Decorating With Roman Blinds

Windows are the most important part of any room. They need to provide as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Fortunately, Roman blinds allow you to adjust the air and light as needed. They also frame windows and emphasize them against your décor and colored palette. Here are some tips and tricks to using Roman blinds in your home.

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Which Rooms Work Well with Roman Blinds?

Firstly, which rooms can you put Roman blinds in? Well, these blinds are so versatile that you can use them in pretty much any room. You can opt for different fabrics in different rooms, depending on your desired amount of light control. Roman blinds tend to look homely while also providing adequate insulation when used in rooms like bedrooms, studies and living rooms. They also offer a professional, clean finish in offices.

Decorating Kitchens and Bathrooms

While Roman blinds typically used fabrics that aren’t ideal for damp places like kitchens and bathrooms, you can find fabrics that won’t accumulate mold and dust in the humid environment. Also, if you opt for Roman blinds in these rooms, make sure you regularly clean away grease and grime from the fabric. The best fabrics for kitchen and bathroom blinds are 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blends.

Adding Patterns to a Monochrome Room

Bathrooms usually have a monochrome colour for the ceramics and tiles. It can look pretty boring if there’s no change to the pattern or at least a splash of colour. So, pick freehand designs and large patterns for blinds for your bathroom for a break from geometric monotones. You can use the same trick for rooms in your home with simple pastel shades, such as a baby’s room. Larger patterns can create a more warm and comforting room and add a little muted darkness, too. In such instances, fix the Roman blind to the edges of the window to block out light.
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Patterns and Prints – Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Roman blinds provide a great deal of scope for experimentation with fine prints and vibrant designs. Larger symmetrical designs of bold shades look inspirational in rooms of muted tones, for example.
Another way to add extra depth to your décor is to install Roman blinds with fine printed cottons. Small and evenly spaced geometric or organic designs make a room look sophisticated and elegant. Rather than having a printed design on the blinds, hand embroidery provides a personal touch, and having lace attached to the lower ends of your blinds makes them look cozy.

Using Contrasting Colors

Another easy trick is to contrast color tones with your décor. Rather than using a single color or fabric, pick a stunning arrangement of fabric and color to complement your room and furnishings. You can use lightweight and medium fabrics as a pre-dominant color and then border with wollen, sating or even velvet ribbons of contrasting shades.
Use these tips and tricks to hand Roman blinds in your home. They’re sophisticated, easy to maintain, and with the right fabric and design, work well in any room.

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