The Ultimate Skirt Guide for 2019

No woman should go without a skirt in their wardrobe. But there are so many styles, how are we meant to know how to perfectly style each one? Read on as we’ve brought together this season’s most popular skirt styles and suggested the best ways to flaunt each one using shoes, accessories and a range of cute tops that will make you the star of the show.

The Pleated Accordion Skirt

Out of all skirt styles, this is one that has an aim to fit your body extremely well. You want it to sit comfily at your waist, but also hang in a way that the pleats don’t look stretched. These skirts look great if you want to downplay bigger thighs and hips, as the pleats will create an illusion that slims down the lower half of your body.

For a chic look, go for a V-neck polka dot top with cap sleeves or for something more casual, try a graphic tee and cropped jacket.

The Classic A-line Skirt

No matter what shape or size you may be, this skirt is all about positivity and flares from the waist. A-line skirts wonderfully highlight the tiniest part of your waist, so we recommend flaunting this outline with an off-the-shoulder bodysuit or simple crop top.

Keep your shades subtle but stand-out — think forest green, royal blue or deep purple. Then, match with block heels, a clutch and just a few pieces of jewelry.

The Gypsy Skirt

Many people remain unfamiliar with the gypsy skirt, but it’s a must-have this season. Long, floaty and fun; all body shapes look great in this skirt style. But how do you perfectly flaunt it in 2018?

For a 60s vibe, this is the look you must go for. Go for psychedelic colors like bright oranges, greens, yellows and pinks and pair with retro fabrics like velvet and chiffon. Tassels are obviously a great addition to a top for this outfit and bell sleeves look amazing with gypsy skirts, promising that you’ll embody the Sixties/Seventies vibe perfectly. Finalize the ideal gypsy skirt outfit with chunky bangles, mood rings, hoop earrings, and sandals!

The Asymmetric Skirt

For a formal occasion with your partner or friends, this skirt will keep you in top condition. Cut short at the front with a longer hemline at the back, the asymmetric skirt is perfect for showing some leg without revealing too much. Avoid going for asymmetric tops with this skirt style — it’s too much — instead create a cool contrast by pulling on a simple cami or square-neck tee.

There’s nothing that you can’t put with this outfit, think big and bold earrings with heels and a petite bag that will help you see the night through!

The Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are an absolute must this season, and vintage styles are officially making their return. You can get these in a range of hem lengths and denim washes — so go with what you feel comfortable in.

This resurrecting vibe will keep you looking classic at all times. Think casual, crew-neck tees, cool graphics, fun colors and quirky prints. Pair with a pair of white sneakers, wear your hair in a messy bun and keep jewelry to a minimum.

The Skort

Heard of the skort? This style merges shorts and skirts into one impressive clothing piece. Usually sitting at your mid-thigh with an asymmetric appearance, the skort is no longer a skirt restricted to casual settings, which means you can flaunt it the next time you head out for dancing and partying with your girlfriends.

No matter your body type, you’ll find confidence with this product. Go for a design with a frill and pair with a long-sleeve, chiffon shirt or go for a clean-cut style that you can wear with a sweetheart going out top. If you want to really rock this fashion trend, pull on a plain, netral-shade v-neck top to draw people’s eye-line to your skort. Everything from wedges and pumps to sneakers and stilettos look incredible with a skort — so don’t hold back.

The High-Waist, Pencil Skirt

High-waist pencil skirts are definitely the way forward for women’s fashion and can be worn almost anywhere! Flattering and easy to style, choose this in a neutral shade — like beige, black or grey — and wear with a three-quarter sleeve dress shirt.

Trumpet-sleeve tops create an eye-catching contrast with the fitted style of a pencil skirt, while the high-waist feature lets you combine this style with cropped tops without feeling too exposed. Accessorize depending on the level of formality: a few simple pieces for a professional event, and bigger pieces with coloured stones for more informal occasions. Ankle-strap heels always look amazing with this skirt style.

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  1. Good post. For me, I think a person’s height also has a good deal affect on what works and what doesn’t. I look ghastly in pleats and haven’t worn one in 50 years. Even when I was tiny, they were never flattering. (I notice you’re tall and thin) I have an A-line or two in my closet that I never wear anymore, especially since I moved to California. Here, I don’t seem to have an occasion to wear skirts or dresses. When I lived in the south, everyone dressed up for church, but not here. I have a basic black dress I’ve worn a dress only once in four years (for a premiere) and it too just sits in my closet now. The skort is the only one I like, especially in summer, but they are more casual. The gypsy skirt we (my sister and I) used only for Middle Eastern dancing. lol Pencil skirts are always good.

    1. Thank you and yes, I did, only because it wasn’t that cold that day ☺👍💕

  2. I’m so lost with skirts! Thank you for your post! I would love to see more pictures of you showing those different tipes of skirts! Maybe some post about trends? I think you’re so stilish!

    Love your blog!

    1. Awww thank you so much! You’re so sweet! I promise I’ll take more pictures and write more posts about fashion or style ideas 🙂💕. Also, please check my Instagram: @simple_ula 😊

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