Our Day Trip To Niagara Falls

When your reality is better than your dreams, you cannot help it, but shed a few tears. That’s what happened to me on our way back home from Niagara Falls.

I’ve already written here that the most famous waterfall in the world was something that I was dreaming about since I was a little girl. I celebrated there my engagement with my fiance (back then) and we went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. Since we had to make a one day trip there this December, we wanted to make it a little bit more special since it’s such an important place for both of us.

After the whole day, we had dinner at the most amazing restaurant we’ve ever been to, Watermark Restaurant Fallsview. One reason is that it has panoramic views of both the American and Horseshoe Falls. Can it even get better?!

A Breathtaking View

The restaurant made a breathtaking impression on both of us. It is located on the 33rd floor at Hilton Hotel Niagara Falls. Even though it was getting darker outside, the view was amazing in person. All the Christmas lights and the Falls were so beautiful and colorful. It was spectacular! I couldn’t get enough of this vision.

The inside of the restaurant was so in my idea of a perfect interior design. I always like the combination of white and blue together, well, these are my favorite colors. In a different way, my favorite color is white and my husband’s blue, sky blue :). That being said, we were in our wonderland. It is very elegant and contemporary and of course, the beautiful white (!) poinsettias for the upcoming Christmas. I do like poinsettias a looot :).

When The Food Is Better Than Your Expectations

Oh my, these starters were the best I’ve ever had. I think I’ve already mentioned that I really like seafood. That’s why I went with Octopus Carpaccio and Calamari, which my hubby ordered, as well. The second option he chose was Shrimp Cocktail. He really enjoyed that there were three sauces to enjoy and not only one.

By our main dishes you can guess, that I’m more into potatoes and my hubby into the rice. I think it’s from the way and place we were raised in :). I chose Grilled Ontario Pork Chop, which make me want to have pork much more often in our home. My love ordered Roasted Hoisin-Glazed Cornish Hen. That was the first time he has hoisin sauce and now we’re in the search of it at the stores :). Both dishes were perfectly cooked and seasoned, which we appreciated a lot.

When it was time for a dessert, we were both pleasantly full, but it was hard to say no to something that looks and sounds so mouthwatering. Most of the time I go with something with chocolate, but I wanted to change it up a little. I asked for Strawberries & Lemon Cream Cake With Aged Balsamic and I have to tell you that this balsamic in there was a game changer :). My husband, on the other hand, chose Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta, Passion Fruit Gelee & Meringue. He had this for the very first time in his life, but said that if we ever are at Watermark Fallsview Restaurant, he’ll choose the same dessert again :).

Unforgettable Day

On top of the amazing food and view, the customer service was very impressive. They were all very professional and mannerly.

When we got to the valet parking, I was looking back, because I still couldn’t believe if it’s true or I was just dreaming :). Having all these pictures here, I know that I was there with the love of my life and I will never forget that day. We were also very close to our date when we first met three years ago so it made it much more special.

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  1. What a gorgeous and wonderful time! I still have never been to Niagara Falls. Lived in America my whole life and I’ve never even been to New York! I did go to high school near Chicago, but I was raised in Colorado where we live now. I would love to visit and see all of that! Beautiful restaurant and evening! God bless!

  2. You both are looking gorgeous😍,and the place is also nice.😍
    Actually I am from India😎 so I never visit at this place but whenever I’ll get chance to visit here I’ll definitely visit.
    I really like your post😍 but not more than those delicious food.😜😋😂😂

  3. Awwwww that’s absolutely lovely. The photos, the words and you two !

    The descriptions of the food is making me feel hungry……..

    Which was the best part of the meal ? You have 26, 685 Followers on this Blog……are you a celebrity ?!?!?

    1. Thank you and to be honest, it’s hard to choose, because they all have its uniqueness ☺👍

  4. A beautiful area……I was up there on the Canadian side back in the mid-1990s. It was much nicer than the American side. I was on the American side back in the summer, and I think the reason why the Canadian side is nicer is because there is more to it. A larger area, guided tours( I actually stood under a section of the falls at one point where the falls drop what was reported to be 8 million gallons of water per second). The American side was nice, but smaller(pretty much relegated to the state park itself) but still a site to behold. I could still see a good portion of Canada from the U.S. I posted some pics of the trip to my FB page a while back. Glad you had a great time!!!! =)

  5. This looked like an amazing time!! I’ve been to a restaurant like such but it was in ATL with the view over the city skyline, beautiful! So I know somewhat of how your experience was there 😀 Thanks for sharing! Definitely added to my bucket list of places to visit.

  6. We were just there over the Summer. It was amazing, but way too crowded compared to when I was there as a kid in the 80s. Just too many people for my taste. The overcrowding, the noise, the garbage, etc. It’s a shame that people often ruin nature’s extraordinary creation.

    Nonetheless, it was a great thing to see.

    Thanks Ula!


    1. I agree actually and I really enjoyed our last visit, because there were barely any people so the best is to go there during the week 👍

      1. At the hotel we stayed at in Niagara Falls, they had a great photo on the wall that was a picture of the Falls from the 1940s or ’50s. The pic showed the small amount of people, their old cars, and the beauty of the scene. It was breathtaking.

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