3 Books I Don’t Regret Reading About Wellness

I really enjoy spending some “me time” with a book in my hand. Having a cup of tea, blanket over me (it’s not that warm here yet) and just get lost in a written word.

Some of the books I really enjoy reading are about healthy and fulfilling life. That’s where our focus should be if wellness is important for us.

Here are my top 3 books about wellness:

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Body Love by Kelly LeVeque

After finding out so many great feedback about this book, especially on Instagram, I dived into it. Since then, Fab Four Smoothie became my favorite smoothie, especially in the morning, which I’ve already mentioned here earlier. It balances blood sugar, avoids inflammation and nourishes your body daily. Kelly’s approach is to eating that sets you free, so you can just live and be well. Food should be enjoyed and not stressed over and that’s why this book is my #1.

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

This book I actually bought myself when it’s been released and I got it back in Poland. I liked it that much that I asked my hubby to got it for me in English version. (While I gave my Polish version to my best friend so she can read it, as well :).)

Some of the things in this book are so obvious like drinking water. Thanks to this short chapter, I stick to drinking 4 liters of water daily and it makes me feel amazing. It has also became #1 New York Bestseller, so what can I say more to give you more encouragement to get a copy? 🙂

My leggings are from Femme Luxe

The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz

This is a book that my hubby got for me, as well, but what’s the best is that he got me a copy signed by Cameron Diaz. Oh my, I’m (still) so happy about it :).

Anyway, this book is written with a more scientific approach (than her first book), but yet in a still engaging way. A perfect guide for everyone who’s aging and well, we all are. Let’s then grow old gracefully! 🙂

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  1. A bit off-topic, though I persist…I prefer summer, yet one thing I miss about winter is the sublime contentment of reading while snuggling, beneath a warm cozy blanket – or whatever. Although, reading on a leaf-shaded balcony, with your feet in the sun, is a close second. Either way, reading brings such happiness. Literacy rules!

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