Which Is the Best Social Media App?

Social media is huge and there’s no denying that it is now a fully integrated part of popular culture, whether you believe this to be a positive or negative development. Yes, it has accentuated the focus on celebrity to a huge extent, but it has also created a powerful platform for raising awareness of important issues. Here, we take a look at the three most popular social media sites as a contribution towards the discussion of which should take the crown.


Facebook was one of the original social media sites and therefore was the original founder of a lot of the features you see on every social site. Facebook was the first site designed purely for connecting with others online but unlike other early sites like Myspace which has not managed to survive against growing competition, Facebook is still hugely popular with unique features which help it to stand out from the crowd. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, the format of your posts on Facebook are not limited to a certain medium or length, which allows for much more versatility in what you share.

Facebook also offers a lot more person information about its users, such as birthdays, education establishments that you’ve attended, and your relationship status which is helpful for people looking to connect with people they have things in common with. It even reminds you when it is someone’s birthday which can be a total lifesaver! Facebook’s ‘Memories’ features is a great touch too; giving you an insight into what you were doing that day three years ago for example, or letting you know when you have been Facebook friends with someone for a certain number of years, with enjoyable accompanying graphics like photos of you together. Other cool features include a place where you can organize and get reminders about events, fundraising platforms, and the new ‘Marketplace’ which allows you to buy and sell second-hand goods in your area.


Instagram’s unique selling point is that posts can only consist of photos or short videos with accompanying captions. A lot of people like this because it’s convenient and easy to use; you can quickly swipe through lots of posts, and Instagram’s ‘like’ feature works from a simple double tap, further adding to the very manageable user interface. If you’re trying to get more likes on your photos, try this instagram like bot. Instagram is great for creatives as you can use themes for your profile, as well as various editing tools on your photographs. There are also lots of tools to help you increase your following such as hashtags, which makes it a favorite of marketing professionals who target users with a large platform. You can check a nitreo review, which is a great tool. Instagram has recently become more versatile with their ‘Story’ feature which gives people the opportunity to show real-time photos and videos in a slideshow that only exists for 24 hours.


Twitter’s post format is short pieces of text which has led to it becoming the home of celebrity cat fights, as well as a sharing platform for important political announcements, as people are tempted to use the site to make short, punchy, often risky statements. The retweet feature is something that has not been replicated by other social media sites but is one of the most convenient ways to share your views and support of others.

Facebook is great if you prefer more in depth information in posts and on personal profiles, Instagram is the best app to choose if you prefer a convenient user experience or you enjoy the creative aspect of building an aesthetic, and twitter is the one to go for if you like to keep up to date with current affairs. For more social media tips, take a look at simpleula.com.

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46 thoughts

      1. I wasn’t using it for a very long time, but now I do just to publish posts 🙂🌺

  1. I receive instagram but don’t know how to share on instagram, except when I do so accidentally. It’s how I follow the younger members of my family who love to use it.

  2. Right now I’m not really loving social media. It used to be FB until I left 2 years ago. Does WordPress count as social media? YouTube? I would go with either of these platforms.

    1. I was thinking about leaving Facebook for some time now 🙂👍🌺

      1. Do et. Throw in the towel and deactivate your account, or better yet, get someone else to keep the password. Works like a charm for me. I have 0 desire to use Facebook now. Lately I’ve been using IG only because I’ve been enjoying the IG stories way too much. I also use it for inspiration, but need to be careful who I’m following for the sake of my mental health. 🙏🏻💕

  3. It is interesting (and quite true) to think of Twitter as the vessel for celebrity cat fights and political announcements. Honestly, you could probably just condense that to cat fights. Thank you for posting the Instagram Bot. I will have to check that out.

  4. Here’s a profoundly unhelpful opinion – Facebook, because I’m vaguely familiar with it? The other two, I just don’t have enough information to make a call. As another commenter mentioned, I spend much more time on YouTube and on WordPress (obviously, that’s where we are now), but I suppose they really don’t count as “social media.” God, could I be any more 1752? Yep, parchment and quills are poised to recapture our regard!.

  5. Twitter is (and always has been) my favourite social media app althought I have taken more of a liking to Instagram than I have over the past year or so!

  6. It is often difficult to stay up to date with all the social media craze. While it allows connection, we also need to be aware of the need to be in real contact as well. Thank you for breaking this down. It can oftentimes be daunting to understand what each platform is for.

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  8. Social media marketing is very beneficial like Facebook, Twitter marketing and there’s no denying fact that it is now a fully integrated part of popular culture, whether you believe this to be a positive or negative development.

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