The Unexpected House Tips That Fight Off Stress

Stress is not just an instance that happens in the workplace. Stress has become an unpleasant way of life for millions of Canadians who find it difficult to relax at the end of a busy day. Indeed, your home is designed to be a place of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, for many of us, the cozy and comfortable nest we’ve built ourselves fails to provide the relaxation we need.

Indeed, most people spend a lot of time designing a decor that suits their personality. Whether you’re a creative soul who loves nothing more than vibrant colours or a minimalist enthusiast who likes to keep a neutral interior style, your decor plays a significant role in making your house feel like a home. However, your decor is all about building a feeling of homeliness and making the place yours. But it doesn’t cancel out the negative emotions you carry around after a hectic day at the office. Unless you’re skilled in the art of meditation, it’s fair to say that you won’t be able to leave your worries at the front door. That is precisely why you need to find tips and tricks to turn your home into a place that actively helps you to unwind your mind and let go of your tensions. Spoiler alert for anybody who is considering a new interior feel; this isn’t a guideline for your next home decor, but some elements might prove inspirational if you want to change your rooms. Here are 7 tips to de-stress at home.

Bring your greens indoor

A Place Where You Can Rest

Everybody knows what a bedroom is for, right? But sometimes life gets in the way and, one thing leading to another, you accidentally let unwanted distractions take over your bedroom space. The truth is that you need some essentials to get back control of your bedroom and make it the haven of rest it should be. Your choice of bedding plays a significant role in getting a good night sleep. Indeed, beautiful and comfortable bed sheets are both inviting and soothing. The last thing you want is to lie down under an itchy duvet! You also want to invest in seasonal bedding, so that you can stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Pack a few positive distractions that help you to forget about your worries, such as a couple of books to read – that’s where the indispensable nightstand comes into play.

Plenty Of Natural Light

While artificial light is a fantastic invention, it doesn’t replace the soothing effect of natural light at home. If you’re the kind of person who uses thermal curtains to keep the cool air out, it’s time to invest in replacement windows such as EcoTech windows to make your home more appealing. Get rid of light and cold-blocking curtains that keep you in the darkness. Instead, let the sunlight come in. Your mind needs plenty of direct sunlight exposure to regulate your mood. More importantly, even though your windows will filter some of the goodness of the sun out, natural light creates a soft and relaxing space.

Say Goodbye To Cluttered Rooms

Living in a cluttered house can be stressful. Indeed, the mind tends to get stressed out when you are in a messy space. Don’t trust the sayings that claim a creative mind needs chaos. Everybody needs a clutter-free space to relax. From old items you’ve kept even though you don’t use them anymore to unwanted gifts, we tend to accumulate a lot of things. You need to be practical about your home clutter. What’s the point of keeping something you don’t need or like? You’ll be surprised by the positive impact decluttering can have on your mind.

Love your greens

If you love an indoor garden, it’s time to focus your attention on houseplants that not only look great but that also can help you to relax. Indeed, Aloe Vera is famous for its healing properties, from detoxing to healing skin burns. But it can also help to clear your indoor air from pollutants so that you can breathe freely. Rubber trees are an excellent option for homeowners who get forgetful about their plants. They are easy to maintain and can even grow in cold temperatures, and they still eliminate toxins from the air.

A Bathroom That Feels Big And Inviting

Everybody spends a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning. Whether you’re getting ready to work or to meet up with friends, the bathroom is an essential step of your journey. Unfortunately, a lot of bathrooms can feel a little cramped. A stressful bathroom will affect your mood for the rest of the day. How about creating the illusion of space by using the same tone all over the room? You can step in and feel more comfortable despite the morning rush.

Monochromatic bathroom

The Most Delicious Looking Fresh Food

You might be thinking of delicious cookies and pies, but the secret to a peaceful mind is to dress your kitchen table with the healthiest options available. Yes, you read it right; you want a healthy snack in plain sight. Keeping a fresh and pretty fruit bowl can do wonders for our mood, and your tummy. There is a natural sense of well-being and happiness in the room when you keep fresh fruits. If you’re unsure of what to pick, a selection of seasonal fruits is the best option. However, remember that some fruits such as bananas and kiwis can ripen quickly, so make sure they don’t lead other fruits to rot. 

A Playlist That Rocks

Last but not least, everybody loves music. There is no better way to relax at the end of the day than by singing to your favorite songs. Scientists know that music can manipulate the plasticity of your brain, creating new chemical reactions that can be soothing and positive. It makes no doubt that a home without a playlist is like a body with no pulse; it is lifeless. In short, turn up the volume, sing and dance to the music and watch your stress disappear in the background.

It only takes a handful of tweaks to transform your home into a relaxing and peaceful environment. From letting more light in to keeping fresh fruits in the kitchen; some changes can make a huge difference in the long term!

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  1. Wise advise, Ula!

    Especially agree about music – “What passions cannot Music raise and quell?” Whether providing catharsis or exuberance, music helps cure what ails the mind.

    Natural light is crucial too. Even filtered (cloudy) sunlight is better than artificial. Vital for plants, and for us!

    Thanks for this!

  2. I am constantly amazed at how simple it can be to have an environment that helps alleviate stress. Clutter free is so soothing. Good post

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