Protecting Yourself in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time. There’s probably no more exciting time in your life, especially if you’ve been trying to conceive for a long time. Many of us countdown the months, and then weeks, preparing ourselves for the birth, buying things for our baby and getting our houses ready to welcome a new life. But, it can also be a worrying time. You might worry about all of the things that could go wrong and find yourself panicking about every little twinge. You might have concerns about how you’ll cope at work or even what you’ll do when you have to return from maternity leave. A few worries and concerns are, of course, normal. You want everything to go well and from the second that you find out about your baby you want to do everything that you can to look after it. To minimize these concerns, you need to know that you are protecting yourself. Here are some tips to help.

Use Your Common Sense

Unfortunately, there are always going to be risks that you can’t do anything about. That’s true in life, not just in pregnancy. We can find ourselves looking to hire a personal injury lawyer through no fault of your own. While you can’t, and shouldn’t, wrap yourself in cotton wool, you can use your comment sense. Take care of yourself. Drive carefully. Stay away from dangerous areas and crowded bars. Use your common sense and avoid anything that feels unsafe.

Speak with Your Employer

Your job might pose extra risks while you are pregnant, especially if you work with chemicals and machinery or spend time lifting heavy loads. You aren’t under a legal obligation to tell your employer about your pregnancy straight away, but it can be a good idea if they can help to keep you safe. They might conduct a risk assessment and make changes to your role to limit any risks. They’ll also be able to give you time off to attend scans and doctors appointments.

Listen to Your Body

When you are pregnant, it’s more important than ever that you listen to your body. You should still try to exercise for as long as you can, maybe making adjustments to your usual workouts. But, listen to your body. Stop when you need to, take rest breaks when your body wants them and never push yourself too hard.

It’s not only during exercise that you should listen to your body. You should sit down when you need to, even if you are just walking around the shops or cleaning up at home.

Brush Up on Your Hygiene

Hopefully, your personal hygiene is already great. But, there’s no better time to check yourself. Make sure you are washing your hands after using the toilet and blowing your nose after emptying bins and before cooking and eating. Then, regularly throughout the day. Change bedding and towels often, and encourage the rest of your household to meet your hygiene standards to help prevent infection. It’s also a great excuse to give your home a thorough deep clean, while you’ve still got a chance.

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