4 Urban Fashion Tips for a Fulfilling Life in the City

The streets are the beating heart of the city. Teeming with life, they give a city its distinct sound, sights, flair, and most importantly, style. Urban style, with all of its grit, subversion, and humor, has gradually seeped into other aspects of our daily lives, creeping into our leisurewear, work attire, and evening wear.

For fashionistas living in the city, embracing the urban style is a must for anyone wanting to add some rebellious style and cool to their look. For a selection of urban clothing, visit fillyflair.com.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Right Below The Waist

Bright colored leggings with baggy, flowing tops are in. If you are heading out at night, brightly colored leggings are sure to brighten up any dance floor and help you stand out from the sea of sepia hues. While a brightly colored top distracts and can come across as garish, brightly colored leggings are more subtle and won’t distract from your smile!

Just make sure that if you are going bright below the waist, you pair it with neutral hues above the waist and on the feet. You don’t want to go over the top and ruin the look.

The Black Turtleneck Is Going To Carry The Winter

Turns out, Steve Jobs was way ahead of his time. This year saw the great revival of the black turtleneck. As we head into the colder months, a black turtleneck with high-waisted denim and a neutral coat should be your go-to neutral winter ensemble.

A black turtleneck also has the versatility to match with other items in your closet, giving you the freedom to mix and match and build the look you crave.

Go For Textured Jackets

In an urban environment, texture rules. Jackets from leather to corduroy offer something different and bring your look to life. With the right jacket, the rest of the outfit can afford to be understated. The jacket does enough legwork to lift even a basic jeans and t-shirt ensemble into the height of urban cool.

Find the right jacket piece with a rich, textured look, and you can get away with almost anything underneath.

Skinny Doesn’t Mean Too Small

Skinny jeans have been a fixture in our cities for a decade. However, we still see fashion faux pas committed on a daily basis.

Skinny doesn’t mean too small. Fitted skinny jeans look elegant and cool. They elongate the legs and can be paired with almost anything to give a sleek, urban look. Jeans that are too small, on the other hand, make your legs look oversized, besides the fact, they are profoundly uncomfortable.

Pair skinny jeans with some knee-high black boots for an autumn look that keeps you warm and makes a statement.

The right urban looks convey enough individuality and personality to stand out from the crowd of the big smoke. They make the right statement, at the right time, and are both functional and in line with the cities’ trends and character. Build your own urban style around your city’s taste and flair for optimal results.

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