Opulent Styling Tips That Will Excite Your Guests

While there’s currently a drive towards minimalist homes, some of us want to experience what it’s like to live the high life. Opulence is the idea of combining both a sense of luxury and comfort in one’s home. It’s a way of confirming one’s success and creating that ritzy feel that you get when you walk into a high-spec interior.

Opulence goes beyond merely a sense of luxury. It’s outwardly flashy and immediately apparent to anyone who experiences it. There’s no denying that you’ve created a truly designer space. 

So how do you style your home in this way and get the opulent appeal that you want?

Place Unique Objects In Your Rooms

Opulent interior designers want unique objects. The reason for this is that they help to generate a sense of exclusivity. Individual objects bring a kind of texture to a space that you just don’t get when you use generic alternatives. They enable you to create a one-of-a-kind space that only you and your family own.

If possible, pick handmade objects to adorn your rooms. There’s currently a massive trend in this direction, with people looking for objects that come from skilled artisans. The reason for this is the tiredness that people have with mass-production. They might be precisely made, but they’re just the same as everyone else’s. No real human passion went into their direct construction, somehow detracting from the overall experience.

Decorate Your Walls And Ceilings

If there’s one thing that’s true of opulent spaces, it’s that all floors, walls, and ceilings are heavily decorated. You’ll often walk into a luxe room and find ceiling tiles injecting extra passion into space above your head.

While it might look busy, wall paneling and tiles on the ceiling are fundamental building blocks of opulent spaces. They allow you to create complex textures in your rooms and provide your rooms with mood. They take you away from the merely ordinary and create something that looks stunning.

Splash Art Over The Walls

There’s another feature of opulent spaces: they’re crammed full of art. Practically all luxury estates pack walls with art and use it as focal points in the rooms around the house.

Finding great artwork to complement your decor is a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. However, it is possible if you’re able to find reproductions on the original work. You can also fall back on modern technology, like canvas prints, if you want a large number of pieces of artwork on your walls but have a smaller budget to work with.

Make Use Of Bookcases

Bookcases are not only a sign of learning but increasingly of opulence too. The reason for this? It’s mainly to do with exclusivity again; few people ever have the resources or know-how to create a library.

The good news is that with built-in bookshelves, it’s surprisingly easy to do. You drill them into the wall and then adorn them with stylish decorations to create something that is both impressive and memorable.

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8 thoughts

  1. I just bought a new house where one of the huge selling points is that multiple rooms have built in bookshelves that I can’t wait to fill. I love this, and will try many of these tips soon.

  2. Nice ideas, Ula. The first one (“unique objects”) is a favorite, because not only do they increase opulence, but they proclaim the space’s realness, its connection to you.

    When you surround yourself in beauty, good for you. However, you’ve created no more than an art gallery, a museum hall. Adding that personal touch makes it yours, an expression of your opulence.

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