Products I Got For My Baby Girl (Part II)

The time when we meet out little precious is getting closer and closer. Even though she’s not born yet, she’s taking more and more space with all the things for her :). We don’t mind, we love it and are very ready for her.

Here is the list of some more baby products V and I have recently got for her:

1. Coco Village

I really like how adorable potties this brand has. Even though my baby girl is not even here yet with us, we’ve already got her a potty. Time for this will come anyway. In the picture above you can see their playmat, which is really adorable.

2. Dwinguler

The playpen we got is from this brand, because I really like their quality and colors. I went with melange grey, because it will go with everything around in her room one day.

3. Moover Toys

When I saw this traditional dolls stroller (pram), I had to get it for my baby girl. I’m already envisioning her using it and I cannot wait to see it :).

4. Kidamento

I’m so happy that there is camera that is safe for kids. How awesome it will be when she’ll be taking her own pictures and we will be able to see the world through her eyes? 🙂

5. Comfort Baby

When V and I were looking for a high chair for our little one, we wanted to have something safe, great quality and that will last longer. This highchair smartchair 2 in 1 is something exactly what we were looking for. It is very stable and made in Europe.

6. Precious Moments

I’ve already mentioned this brand in this post. They have the cutest and sweetest things. This 5-piece bamboo Noah’s Arc mealtime set says “I’m thankful for the Lord above and for His precious gifts of love”. Needless to say more.

We’ve also got her this beautiful ceramic cross & piggy bank for her room.

7. Glitter and Spice

I was looking for some silicone bowls that can stick to the high chair and I found this cute silicone tablewear. This brand also offers other great things, such as double sided organic chew bibs (which I got some, as well) and teethers.

8. Baby Tula

This brand offers beautiful range of baby carriers, which we chose one with the white flowers on it. Also, I really like their 3-pack blanket. What’s amazing is that their blankets are made in Poland, very close to my hometown :).

9. Shop Willab

What I can say about this brand is that their gowns are extremely soft, which I really like. They also fit newborn to 15 pounds. That being said, they last longer. The one in the picture above is called olive floral.

10. Bubsfield

This company has many adorable things for babies. Some of them are their clothes and shoes. I really like the knitted cherry romper, heart puff sleeve bodysuit and these adorable slippers (you can all see in the picture above).

11. Love To Dream

This company’s key message is “safer sleep made simple” and I’m all about simple :). I cannot wait to see my baby girl sleep in this swaddle. She will look so sweet that I won’t be able to wait until she wakes up, lol. I will have to wait though.

12. Hello Bello

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this company launched by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Let me only say that I really like their mission: “We will be handing this place over to our tiny humans someday, which is why our products are carefully crafted to be safe and effective for babies and better for their world.”

13. The Olive Company

They have so many beautiful and cute bows for girls that I couldn’t choose just one, but a couple of them :).

14. Babiators

Their sunglasses for babies and toddlers are the cutest things ever.

15. Brushies

V and I are always taking a good care of our teeth and we would love our little one to do the same. That’s why this cute toothbrush will hopefully help us with it.

16. Mama Koala

Since we really want to be more eco-concious in 2020, we have decided to go with cloth diapers. Mama Koala offers so many cute prints.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!.. enjoy will you can, one day a wedding dress!… 🙂

    Words from the song “Little Folk” by Charlie Daniels..
    “But little folks slip through our hands
    Like so many grains of sand
    You’d best enjoy them while you can
    So soon they fly away…”

    1. So true, we are going to cherish every second with here, because she will grow fast! 🙂🌸

  2. Thanks for the mention of Mama Koala, hope you would like our diapers. Hope our daily giveaway will benefit more cloth moms. ☺🌷

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