Prepare Your Home for a Long Winter with These Maintenance Tips

Low temperatures and icy weather can have a huge impact on your home, particularly if you don’t take steps to prevent any damage. While many homeowners face costly repair bills following a harsh winter, there are ways to avoid it.

By winterizing your home in advance, you can make sure your property is ready to withstand whatever winter throws at it. From snowstorms and ice to wind and rain; the right amount of prep will keep your property in good order.

To ensure you’re ready for the cold weather, take a look at these top winter maintenance tips…


They may not be visible, but cracks around windows and doorframes allow a significant amount of heat to escape from your home. Similarly, they’re a great way for cold air to enter your property and that’s certainly not what you want in the wintertime. If you want to reduce your energy bills this winter, take the time to weather-strip your doors and windows. For a minimal cost, you can get rid of drafts and reduce your reliance on your heating system throughout the winter months.

Switch Off Exterior Taps

If your home has exterior taps in the yard or next to the property, you’ll want to ensure they’re switched off throughout the colder months. When pipes freeze, they become unusable. Worse still, the impact of freezing can cause pipes to crack, shatter and collapse. If this happens, you could be faced with leaks and flooding, so it’s important to get a plumber in as quickly as possible. With minor tweaks to your drainage system now, however, you can keep your pipes working perfectly throughout the winter.

Check Your Boiler Or Furnace

As the temperature plummets, you’re going to be using your heating system around the clock and you certainly don’t want to be without heat during the winter. Having your boiler, furnace or HVAC serviced will identify any potential problems and reduce the risk of breakdowns in cold weather. Furthermore, a boiler service will also ensure that your boiler is working properly and isn’t posing a safety risk to you or your family.

Check Your Roof

A missing roof tile or a damaged roof can lead to a significant amount of property damage, particularly if heavy rain or snow is due. When the roof is unable to keep moisture out, it will settle in your attic and, potentially, begin to appear on bedroom ceilings. As well as affecting your décor, this could cause electrics to short circuit and wood to rot. Before winter sets in, be sure to check your roof for any damage and have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Protecting Your Home This Winter

When something goes wrong with your property, it can be devastating at any time. However, it’s particularly upsetting when it happens during the holiday season. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of home disasters by taking steps to protect your property. With some straightforward maintenance, you can successfully avoid the most common winter mishaps and enjoy a stress-free festive season.

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  1. Great advice! Here in Colorado we have to blow out are sprinkler systems in the yard too. I had a neighbor who didn’t do that once and the pipes burst and she had a little pond in her side yard from the flooding. No fun. Thanks for the tips! God bless!

  2. That is very good advice; simple and to the point. I’m in Az but it’s still good to know for my family members that are in cold country in the midwest….thank you!

  3. Oh my, just left your Baby page assuming you were taking time out and here I find you looking so glam and warm in your Winter shots.
    House maintenance wise it is usually the plumbing I gather.

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