Before You Buy Your Next Winter Boots

Before You Buy Your Next Winter Boots

Weather we like it or not, winter is coming.

Last year, I purchased new winter boots. Very nice ones, waterproof and fashionable. I thought that I made a great choice. I couldn’t be more wrong. They were very narrow and actually not completely waterproof. I even have to use my bunion corrector now, because of wearing those shoes. I told myself that I won’t make the same mistake this year.

I chose Bogs Footwear company and even though I wore my new shoes only a couple of times, I’m already a very “happy camper” :).


My experience brought me here to help you avoid mistakes I made in the past.

Here are my three top tips you need to consider before buying your new pair of winter boots:

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Madrid vs. London: Comparing International Fashion Weeks

With the rise of social media and globalization, fashion is now borderless. From country to country, we’re inspired by international trends which has brought a variety of new color, cuts and styles to our catwalks.

The iconic ‘fashion week’ takes place in multiple countries from New York and Milan, to Paris and Tokyo. But, with such different cultures and designer backgrounds, can we truly compare one nation’s fashion week to another?

Here, we look at the differences and similarities between the latest Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid and the recent Fashion Week in London.

Image source (Fendi – F/W 2018)

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How To Look Good Even When The Weather Is Wearing You Down

If you are anything like the majority of people, the winter months will have a massive impact on you and your looks, and you probably won’t even want to think about which color eyeliner you are going to wear. It is a fact that millions of us suffer from a winter-related low mood and this means that we are not always feeling or looking our best during the coldest months of the year.

While looking good during the hottest months is imperative for some, this is a little bit more complicated during the wettest and most miserable period. During this, not only do we have little energy to carry out the ordinary tasks we are immersed in on our everyday lives, but we also tend not to bother with the activities that will make us look prettier and younger. This includes styling our hair and applying makeup.

If you feel like the weather is wearing you down, but you would still like to look good this Winter, here is how to do it.

My dress is made by Malena Ruth – great designs and amazing quality

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