Well-being Tips For Moms Caring For Kids And Aging Parents

Being a mom can be challenging enough, but if you’re caring for kids and aging parents at the same time, life can be particularly tough. If you’re looking after children and elderly relatives, it’s easy to get distracted and spend all your time caring for others. Here are some well-being tips to boost your health and wellness.

Asking For Help

Most moms are superhuman, but there comes a point when even the most organized parent needs help to manage a packed schedule and cater to the needs of several different individuals. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help if you need more hours in the day, you’re exhausted, or you can’t be in two places at once. Whether you have to get a loved one to the hospital for an appointment or you need help with the school run, it’s beneficial to reach out to family members, friends or neighbors. Many of us are reticent to ask for a favor, but you might be surprised at how many people will be willing to lend a hand.

Enjoying Peace Of Mind

If your parents are in a nursing home, or they receive visits from home care agencies, you might be feeling guilty that you can’t provide the care for family they need. This is very common and it’s perfectly normal. To give yourself peace of mind and reduce anxiety, it can be helpful to talk to members of staff at an agency or care home and to visit your loved ones or call them on a regular basis. If you have concerns about the wellbeing of your parents, it’s particularly beneficial to check on them and to seek advice if you think there is a risk they are being neglected or abused. If you spot warning signs, or your loved one is distressed or upset, an experienced attorney can help you get the financial compensation your family deserves. Often, listening to your gut and using your intuition can be beneficial, and it’s important to let your parents know that they can contact you at any time. It is worth noting that the horror stories you see in newspapers are very rare and that the vast majority of patients receive excellent care.

Taking Time Out

Time is a luxury when you’re juggling raising children with looking after or visiting your parents. If you feel that each day flies by in a blur, or that you’re constantly spinning plates, schedule some downtime. Even if it’s only 20 minutes to soak in a hot bath in the evening or an hour to go for a jog or catch up with a friend over lunch, this can make a world of difference. Everyone needs time to relax, unwind and clear their mind.

It can be difficult to find the time and the energy to focus on your own wellbeing when you’re looking after kids and aging relatives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, take time out and soothe feelings of guilt or anxiety by checking in on your parents frequently.

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  1. These are wonderful tips! I often find it difficult to ask for help. And sometimes I feel guilty for taking a break. Even though I know these things are what I need to keep going.

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