3 Tips To Save Space In Your Rooms

Maximizing space is an essential factor to consider while decorating or renovating since a cluttered house will have no appeal. You might want to fill up your home with every piece of furniture you like, but it is not always going to be the best option. Keep in mind to fill up a room with the just right amount of furniture, so it doesn’t feel cramped. Even then, there are always specific methods and options available that will allow you to decorate your room how you want while maximizing the space. Some rooms only need to be cleared of clutter or furniture that doesn’t belong in that part of the house, but some rooms such as the bedroom and living room demand a specific type of furniture.

1. Sleeping space

A significant issue faced by people is the need for a bed and a lounging area simultaneously. When it comes down to it, most people tend to choose a bed over lounging furniture, but it is not always the best option.

One way to make space in the bedroom is to reduce the size of the bed and push it into a corner to create space in the middle of the room. Or in other options, you can also use a futon which can serve both as a sleeping space and lounging space when needed, but this option is more suitable for college students and youngsters. The best alternative option is a sofa bed. Quite like a futon, a sofa bed is a more sophisticated option. This piece of furniture comes in the shape of a sofa that can be expanded or pulled out to form a bed.

It is also an excellent option to place in an office or study room, where you might spend extended periods and can be used to get some rest when needed.

2. Surface space

Another problem that you might face is a packed room because of tables and consoles etc. Surface space is undoubtedly vital when it comes to living rooms and bedrooms. The best way to clear up space is by replacing furniture with multifunctional furniture. Instead of placing individual tables all around a living room, invest in a set of nesting tables that can be stacked away neatly and pulled out when there is a need. For bedrooms, you can invest in multifunctional consoles that can be used as a desk, a shelf or a table. Similarly replacing side tables with more useful options that can be doubled as writing desks are a good idea.

You still can hang some cool posters since they don’t take any space, but only add some sophistication to the room. That’s a great option for anyone who loves modern wall art.

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3. Storing space

Saving space when it comes to storage is also crucial. Being smart about storage space can help save space. Buy a bed with built-in storage space and invest in storage cabinets that can double as shelves and drawers. You can also find tables with multiple drawers and storage cabinets which again helps create more storage space.

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  1. Hi Ula just wanted to say I really like your posts. just one point on this one, unless someone is really desperate for space, I’m not sure about creating a work-space in a bedroom. Especially now that we use laptops, tablets, and phones so much. These gadgets and work tools are not conducive to a good night’s rest. There are a lot of health commentators who write about the effect of keeping these gadgets near you bed or in the bedroom. It might be worth investigating.

    1. I completely understand your point of view and it’s a great suggestion! 🙂🌼

  2. Yup; and now I am more of a “minimalist” than ever; don’t like clutter or a home that feels too heavy to be lived in; know what I mean? Thanks for sharing! Good ideas. I also like cubbies and cubes.

  3. I needed these tips. I happen to have a lot of belongings I consider absolutely necessary and seemingly too little storage space. I’ll definitely look into multifunctional pieces as you suggest.
    Thank you for these tips!

  4. I’m real big on keeping space clutter free for 2 reasons. One because I’d like to think clearly and a cluttered space doesn’t allow that and two, I like to have space to move around. When I was in a small efficiency I definitely pushed the bed to a corner and kept furniture to a minimum. My place just felt much bigger than other efficiencies of the same size. Furniture size and placements definitely make a difference!

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