3 Simple Ways To Maximize Space In Your Home

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tiny one bed apartment or whether your pad is something more palatial, the chances are that you are forever craving more space. The books and DVDs need a storage area, the ever increasing array of kitchen gadgets cannot remain on the worktop forever, and you seem to be bursting at the seams when it comes to kids toys. If you are in need of more space, don’t think that you have to put your property on the market. Think about the space that you do have and work with it. Read on to find out how you can maximize the space in your home.

Commit To An Extension

If you have recently welcomed a new addition to your family or your kids are growing up way too fast, the chances are that you need more space quickly. Having a clear out simply isn’t going to cut it. If this is the case, consider getting a custom home builder on board to help you extend into your attic or down into your basement. Many homes go from a two storey dwelling to a three storey pad after having their attic spaces converted into an extra bedroom and bathroom. This could be an area for your kids to claim for themselves, or it could be that much needed breathing space that you need to get away from it all. By adding the square footage to your home, you are also adding value to your property.


We can feel very claustrophobic within our homes if we are surrounded by clutter. The stuff that you have collected over the years may include books, travel souvenirs, ornaments and knick-knacks. It’s time to get ruthless and clear some of this stuff out. By making your living areas clearer, you are claiming back your space. By seeing a clear wall or having an unobstructed view out the window, you can feel less stressed and enjoy the space around you. Decluttering is an art form. Ensure that you are methodical and clear out the clutter room by room. As you see the space emerge, you will be more motivated to continue.


For those items that you aren’t willing to part with, you need to think outside the box when it comes to storage. Consider looking into ottoman storage beds that allow you to keep linen, bedding and towels beneath where you sleep and hidden away. Kitchen units can house all sorts of storage gadgets to maximize the space you have for your cans and packets. In your living room, think about a storage footstool and a fitted bookcase to house your ornaments and paperwork. With a solution minded outlook, you can design creative ways to store your stuff. Your home can still have a personal touch without looking crowded, cluttered and messy.

Forget about putting your pad on the market and looking for somewhere bigger, and work with what you’ve got instead. You can find the much needed space that you crave by following this guide.

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