Friday’s Five: Personalized Star Map

This week I’m happy to share with you something special we got for our baby girl. Also, if you haven’t seen Lily’s funny video, you need to stay here and keep on reading :).

Daddy’s girl & mommy’s world 🙂 – see below for similar clothing 🙂

1. Beautiful Tribute To A Life-Changing Moment

The day when my daughter, Lily, was born, it was the best day ever for V and I. We have decided to get this beautiful star map to always reminds us of this day :). I love how big it is and the quality is amazing. It is a beautiful, accurate map of the stars calculated using the location and date you provide at their shop. Perfect for celebrating the biggest events in your life! It would also make an amazing gift to somebody with your special dedication on it. The prints are in HD and you can also choose other colors they offer :). We went with navy blue, because it looked the best for us.

When we talk about Best Canvas (if you’re in the USA, visit this website:, because it is their most popular product. Gallery-style canvas printed with your photo then stretched by hand on a wooden frame made of FSC-certified spruce. Their prices are very competitive so it is worth checking them out :).

We also got some of their MixBloxes. They are dinky free-standing acrylic photo blocks. Playful and tactile, they can be stacked, combined and rearranged whenever inspiration strikes!

I’m happy to offer you 10% off using my code: ULA10CA on or ULA10US on on any of their products :). It is valid till September 4th, 2020.

2. Lily Is Trying An Apple For The First Time

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check this reel I made of Lily eating her first apple. I admit, I can watch it over and over again :).

3. Helichrysum Essential Oil

Have you heard or maybe use helichrysum essential oil. It is not a very common oil, but it has great properties, such as: wound healing, may be able to help with cold and cough, allergies and more. I always get mine from Novidan.

4. Jewelry For The Urban Chic Woman

I’ve recently discovered Meyari Jewelry that creates unique and colorful statement pieces. Love to wear their earrings every day no matter if I stay at home or go out.

5. Fall Please Come Sooner

I’m so excited and I truly cannot wait fall, because yes, it’s my favorite season and it’s so close :).

My loungewear set is from Femme Luxe

My dress is from Femme Luxe

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  1. Sharing your motherhood inspires other moms and dads to be more nurturing to their children. Children do not need to be the center of our lives. Children need to know they loved for who they are A gift from God. As parents we need to teach discipline with Love as God loves us! Then they will learn about life and make good life choices! As parents we need to be strong but gentle, edify our children but also teach them to Love themselves and their purpose in Life as they grow up in their families.. They need to do their part and learn how to have good relationships that are honest and forgiving, caring and serving! It is a big task but with God on your side you do the best you can. As parents we need to learn and check ourselves for motives and decisions because I have learned you can’t give away what you don’t have! ‘Tis a great adventure being a parent! Change doesn’t come easy! But having a family is so rewarding even with its diversity and trials of each individual family member!

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