3 Interior Design Trends That Will Make Your Home More Classy

Interior design has always been the subject of much discussion. Anyone can join in, as it’s not as technical as architecture yet it’s all about style, imagery, proportions and design. As we have all been inside for many months, you may be questioning whether the interior design world has even started again from where it left off? Well, yes actually it has. Because even though many businesses have had to shut for a while, you can still style your home with certain items and pieces while in lockdown. Thankfully, even larger companies in this sector are now reopening so your home can become debonair once again.

Blue And Grey

Black and white have been deposed from the throne and blue and grey have taken their places. Now the new king and queen of interior design color themes, these two are making a huge comeback. Blue for your furniture pieces such as the sofa, reading chair, Ottoman and even your cushions, etc. this is a regal color, one of incredible grace and it can be styled in any way.

Grey, on the other hand, has much less of a window to be expressed through. So consider painting your walls grey or fitting grey wallpaper. A grey area rug would be awesome, as it’s middle of the road, and can be used in either spring or autumn. A grey living room is much more neutral than you might think, if you can make the more subtle items offset, particularly with white or blue. A grey lamp would be great but so would a grey display cabinet. This ash wood style is timeless.

A Strong Masculine Floor

There’s something that just never gets old. Of all the things in the home, hardwood flooring has had such a good reputation all throughout the ages. That’s why you should contact a trusted flooring store and have them fit a dark strong masculine floor. Choose the type of wood that you want, and the type of floorboards you would like in regards to dimensions. They have the classic wood choices of oak, beachwood, pine, yew and cedar, but they also have amazing woods like walnut, cherry, and of course mahogany. They will come to your home and take measurements, but you can also visit them in-store to see all their wonderful choices. Thankfully, they have professionals that know about interior design and can give you a list of styles for your floor, that would compliment and not clash with the rest of your property.

Velvet And Wool

For your patio, have you ever considered softer materials with regards to your seating and or footrest? Try a velvet pouffe that can be moved around far more easily than an Ottoman. Velvet also had water-resistant properties and thus can be a good choice of material, even for those living in wetter climates. A wool cover for your wicker seats would be great as it keeps you warm but can be easily removed.

A classy home is always on the pedestal of what we want to have. A home that’s inviting, pleasurable to be in and compliments our unique style.

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