Friday’s Five: Rose Gold Flatware

I need to be honest with you… Lately, I’ve been really busy with all other aspects of my business that I couldn’t share my “Friday’s Five” as you’ve probably noticed. On top of that, having my Lily around me, it is hard to neglect her and work. I just cannot do that. That’s why I do spend more time with her now since she’s a toddler and we can do way more things together. That being said, these two things completely occupied me and I had to prioritize things. It does not mean that “Friday’s Five” is going anywhere, it is not! So let’s get to this past week (or maybe I should say “weeks”) Friday’s five! 🙂

1. Rose Gold Flatware

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed this picture above. I’d love to share a little bit more about the flatware I got recently. I really like this Minimalist Flatware from Jazzupco, because it’s great quality. I like how heavy it is and also – love the color, I’ve always wanted to have a rose gold set :). This company has also many other great things that can make your kitchen/home more beautiful than it already is :).

2. To Wind Up The Day

Speaking of making your house beautiful, I’d like to share with you a candle I’ve received recently. It will make your home smell beautiful! 🙂 Maple & Lather is a Canadian brand that offers a collection of luxurious candles and soaps. The candle I have is Lavender Flower Soy Candle and it smells wonderful! I like lighting it in the evening, winding up the day :).

3. Their 4th Birthday

One of my favorite skincare brands – Biossance – celebrated their 4th birthday and they sent me a beautiful birthday cake for this occasion. It was a very nice surprise to all of us that I had to snap a picture of it with Lily even though it was pretty dark and the quality of the picture is not the greatest.

I’ve been using their products for good two years now and the more I use them, the more I like them. Their great and effective products are not the only reason that they’re one of my favorite brands, but I also do appreciate them being #1 in sustainability! Way to go, Biossance! 🙂

4. ‘Kure’ Your Dry, Damaged Winter Hair

I’ve had a pleasure to attend amika’s virtual event and find out about their new products. I’ve also received them and can tell you that I love their new Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment that strengthens hair, reduces breakage and prevents damage. I could not worry enough about my split ends, but after using this product and their shampoo & conditioner, I’ve noticed a difference. I hope it’ll get better and better the more I use it :).

5. Try Not To Cry

I just want to say that we need to enjoy and cherish each and every moment with our little ones. Big or small, good or bad – everything, because one day we will miss it! 🙂

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