3 Things You Should Consider Putting Off for Now

Throughout 2020 we were all subjected to Covid-19 restrictions and these have continued into 2021. Even with vaccination plans rolling out all over the world, there appears to be no end to the pandemic any time soon. As such, precautions should still be taken in order to protect friends, family and neighbors.

Many people have had to cancel important events over the past year which has caused heartbreak, money loss, and stress, so if anything can be learned from the virus where socializing is concerned is that it is a good idea to not plan anything for quite some time.

Special events are still going to happen as the virus goes on. Birthdays still happen, deaths will occur and people are still getting pregnant or engaged, but as hard as it may be, some events need to be put off for the time being, including:

  • Weddings
  • Family parties
  • Vacations

A wedding is a great occasion but isn’t necessary at the moment while a family party would be highly irresponsible right now and taking a vacation might not even be allowed by law depending on where you live.

Just Married, In Two Years

Everyone loves a good wedding and even through a worldwide pandemic, love is still in the air. However, restrictions mean that while you can get married, you won’t be able to enjoy the occasion since gatherings and parties are forbidden in most places.

In the UK alone, 64% of weddings were canceled while 71% of engaged couples are now postponing their nuptials until a later and safer date. For now, you can still plan your special day by looking at a wedding website since occasions such as this will probably be back on the table at some point next year.

Not In My House

A family party, for whatever reason, is always a great day. Seeing relatives, laughing with friends, and getting to know neighbors is one of the greatest joys of life, and gatherings of this nature in such a social way are one of the most human things we can do. But as tempting as it might be to throw a party, even when restrictions are lifted, it might not be the best idea as we wait for the virus to be defeated.

Many health specialists are reporting that it could be some time before the pandemic clears and we may not see a return to normal life as we have known it for quite some time. News outlets have been reporting that life won’t return to normal for at least 2 years so that means social distancing will be enforced and mass gatherings might be banned for a while yet.

Good Things To Those Who Wait

At this point, we could all use a good vacation but travel is still restricted in most places and international travel isn’t worth it at the moment. Many countries have quarantine measures in place and some are not welcoming at all. The UK for example has strict quarantine procedures from international flights where you will have to stay at a government-appointed quarantine hotel for 10 days, at your own expense.

All is not lost though as you could consider a small staycation in your local area if it is allowed, however, you should be aware that pandemic measures will still be in place in most areas and many bars, restaurants, and other amenities are closed to the public.

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