3 Methods Of Easily ‘Unlocking Your Style’

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true that many people can sometimes feel overwhelmed with fashion and styling. After all, there are so many means by which to physically express yourself, such as what you wear, what hair color you have, if you wear piercings or jewelry, or if you have any tattoos.

This can often be reinforced by seeing ‘the right thing’ to wear that we’re constantly inundated with via social media apps and influencer culture. So, we can sometimes feel at once worried about having too many options and also feeling constrained to the current trend and not feeling out of date.

Furthermore, sometimes, it can feel as though the ‘style’ we’ve had for a while has come to define us, when really we would prefer something else, to constantly reinvigorate our style going forward. 

Thankfully – it’s more than possible to do this! In this guide, we’ll discuss three easy methods of unlocking your style, helping it feel less restrained, limited, or as if you have to ‘perfect it’ to look great. This way, you can have more fun with fashion instead of worrying about it, which, ironically, helps you look much better.

Open Your Color Palette

It’s good to open up your color palette when it comes to dress. Sure, there might be colors that work for you and those that don’t work as well, but why not try them regardless? Why not have a little bit of fun instead of trying to optimize your wardrobe as if it were to pass an exam? We don’t mean to sound harsh with those questions of course, but asking these questions can help us poke holes in our own standards, giving us a chance to embody something new. Even if it’s as simple as dyeing your hair a new color, this approach can be worthwhile.

Play Around With Fun Accessories

You can have so much fun with accessories if you wish to, but some people find themselves only wearing a watch, and perhaps a wedding ring. That’s not to say you need to overdo it, but you may find that bringing your outfit together with a necklace, even a nice scarf, or a headscarf, or new glasses, or a leather bracelet, or even just decorative cufflinks for work, all of this can make a difference in how you express yourself from day to day and help you feel more ‘yourself’ in every way. Sometimes, an accessory can help optimize your look for the better, such as gorgeous halo hair extensions, wigs, or additional parts of an outfit you rarely wear, such as hats.

Theme Your Outifts!

It’s a great idea to theme your outfits if you can, if only to give yourself an easy means by which to cultivate an idea through how you dress. For instance, you might opt for three pairs of trousers for home dress, a couple of work suits, a few gorgeous winter outfits, two coats, and a few boots. Then you can wear these as full outfits or chop and change them as you feel necessary, giving you the chance to unlock your style and feel yourself more than ever. This way,  you’ll see that invigorating your style isn’t about spending thousands on a new wardrobe, but buying clothes incrementally, theming them after who you are today.

With this advice, you’re sure to unlock your style in the best possible sense.

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