What Could Tempt You To Make A Custom Home?

Let’s face it, everyone dreams of a custom home. In fact, custom homes and dream homes are quite synonymous. We think of them as one in the same thing because when we imagine what our dream home will look like, it’s unique; nothing else like it in the world. But surely this ‘dream’ could not be enough to tempt you right? Well, there are some other reasons why a custom home could sway you into piling a lot of money into it. First of all, you can design your home around your family. So you can decide how many bedrooms, how large they will be, entertainment rooms, swimming, relaxation areas, a garden you can tend to and enjoy, host parties, have privacy, etc. here are some things to consider.

More Living Space In The Living Room

The modern living room has become a bit of a dumping ground for all the other rooms or things we’d like to do. The living room is for eating, sitting, entertainment, sleeping, reading, etc. We do lots of things in the living room, but none of them are done very well. We used to have specific rooms for various things but this was when homes could be built massively large. So why not return to that and have more living space in the living room. You can have far better and thus larger seating. A large sofa which can seat 3-5 people instead of 3-2. You can have large seats for those that want to sit alone. They can be spaced out so no one has to mind their legs as you move around the room. The coffee table doesn’t have to be a sort of roundabout which everyone uses to get around the room. Think about a large living room where each person has their own personal space i.e. no touching.

A Private Dining Room

Many couples would like to entertain and host dinner parties for their guests and friends, but no one really feels comfortable doing this in the family kitchen/dining area. It’s all right when this is what you have to work with, but in truth, we’d all like a private dining room where it’s closed off from the rest of the house. Speak with a trusted Custom Home Builder  who can build a custom home with this kind of classic dining room. They will utilize the space you have in your home, making sure that dining room is an actual room, not just an area. Here you can have your own artwork, different things related to cooking such as bookcases with cook books, photos of you with famous chefs, sculptures and more. A private dining room can also have it’s own unique lighting, and specific seating types so you can have a Roman style banquet while everyone lies down.

Deep down everyone wants a custom home if they can afford it. If any of these things haven’t tempted you then be honest, what would you personally like to have in your home right now?

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