Debunking Pregnancy Myths With Science

For many women, pregnancy is like a second birth. Many even consider that their life only truly begins the day they give birth. But there is a second group of women who are very worried at the idea of getting pregnant. It has nothing to do with not liking children, but it’s related to some common fears and worries that false information and urban myths have created around pregnancy. In truth, whether you are considering having children or whether you know someone who is, it’s good to get your pregnancy facts checked with science.

Focus on eating healthy

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Summertime Skin: Keep Your Complexion at its Best

Throughout the year our skin has different needs, and when we enter into a new season, it’s a good time to change up our routine. Summer is a particularly tricky season for your complexion, as along with the sun’s damaging UV rays you have air con and fans which can quickly dry it out. Plus you’re probably in and out of pools and the ocean too, which can further dry and irritate it. If you come back from every vacation or day trip with skin that feels tight, flaky and uncomfortable, you could well be doing yourself some lasting damage. Here’s how you can care for your complexion over the warmer months.


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Beauty Hacks You Need After Losing Weight

It can be a brilliant achievement when you manage to successfully lose weight. After all, it can take years to achieve your weight goal. But a lot of people are left with problems like excess skin and spots after losing a large amount of weight! And they don’t know what to do about it. Therefore, here are some beauty hacks you need after you lose weight.


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How to Force Weight Loss, Guaranteed Fit Body!

A guest post by Coach Hami – owner and founder of Ask Hami

There are many ways to get fit,  the best way is simply to diet with knowledge. It’s so powerful to have this and it can be learned fast if you go at it. There are hundreds types of diets out there,  many of them do work yet few who diet make it all the way to their desired physique and many who achieve it goes back to old habits.


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