Our date and my 5 articles

First, I’d like to invite you to check my 5 articles I wrote in a place other than my blog ☺.

You’ll be taken straight to the article when you click on each title:

  1. “Things that may cause your fatigue at home” – I think I’ve found the answers why you feel tired and feel like doing nothing at all (if it happens rarely or often, it doesn’t matter)
  2. “How to plan your vacation by yourself?” – great tips how to do it on your own, without travel agencies (and without paying them extra for it)
  3. “First date tips for women” – yes, for women, but I think men will find something for themselves as well
  4. “Common mistakes women make in a relationship” – women, see if you’re not making such mistakes, just to be sure and men – maybe you make them as well?
  5. “Why we should be careful with chemicals?” – unfortunately they’re all around us, even there where we’re not aware of their presence


In the third article (above) I wrote about first date tips, but here I’ll give you some style tip for the 99th date ☺.
…I’m kidding I don’t count our dates 😊

Anyway, I’m very happy that my boyfriend ❤ and I had some time off this Easter so we could go out ☺. As I wrote here I wear dresses now much more often than I used to when I was single so here I am wearing a midi dress, a leather jacket and high heels for our date ☺.

What my boyfriend ❤ did is when he was choosing what to wear, he chose a grey tee and a leather jacket so “we can match” as he said – his idea was very sweet! ☺😍

When he was holding my hand through the entire movie at the theatre – that was a higher level of sweetness 😍☺.
Thank you my love! ❤☺

We spent some wonderful time together this Easter and I hope you did too! ☺


I’ve updated some of my posts with direct links where you can find the products I mentioned on Amazon:

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  1. Hi, Ula!
    “How to Plan a Vacation by Yourself” takes readers to the things-that-may-cause-fatigue article, and “Common Mistakes Women Make in Relationships” takes readers to the first-date-tips article. Please delete this comment! I just wanted to let you know, but I didn’t have another way to contact you.
    Cute outfit! The articles I read were helpful, as always.

      1. Oh no. He’s the only one! 😀

  2. I’ve only read the first one so far, but it sounded excellent. Did not know that about the colour blue, which is funny because I have a can of very light blue sitting on my counter waiting to go in the master bedroom and another shade for my son’s room. Thanks for the tip!

  3. The recommendations to take a trip in solitude, is the best. Now, what takes away more attention, are the beauty of your shoes and if you model it, you leave us breathless the photo.

  4. We should be careful with chemicals. Last weekend I used a deck wash and my rights hand became burned (actually eaten!) and I’m still badly marked. But I must say, after the incident when I read the instructions I realized I made a mistake in handling this chemical.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! I hope that more people will be careful with those bad chemicals which are so bad for us and our environment.

  5. Enjoyed your post! I especially looked up your link to Fatigue At Home. It’s just another poke to lead me to Feng Shui my house once I take the time to do it! My mom-in-law, my sis-in-law, my husband, everyone wants the house to be neater and more organized (which is a problem with the fatigue as well). Organized homes produce better emotions as well. But my husband and I work so much we don’t take the time to do enough cleaning where we need to. (I work at home part time, so it’s hard when I feel the need to be working as much as I can when I’m at home). I’m rambling on your blog. But anyway, have a good day!

    1. Oh, so I hope that organizing will come easier for both of us, maybe spend the weekend on it, because the effects and the satisfaction may be rewarding ☺🌹

  6. Thanks for your advice!! Great job!
    I went through it thoroughly and would do it again. Thanks a lot for the masterpiece.

  7. I love your shoes, and thanks for most of the time, stopping by at my end. Really appreciated. I need to ask you one question?
    With 12k+ followers and a personal life, how you manage it. It’s a serious management related question.
    Since its my favourite subject and learning aspect as well, to learn from the best.

    1. First of all, yhank you so much for stopping by! 🌼
      Yeah, it’s not easy, but to do ☺, I sometimes wake up earlier to spend some time on my blog so I won’t have full 8 hours of sleep for example, it’s a choice you have to make ☺.
      Good luck with yours! ☺🌸

      1. Thanks for coming back. Reading so many followers blog won’t be easy, not to mention the comments that has to go. Along with the posting.

        Needs loads of efforts.

        My pleasure wrt comments and liking. Always a pleasure, receiving a like or comments from stablished bloggers.

  8. Hello Ula! I enjoyed reading, “Things that may cause your fatigue at home”. I also intend to read more! Thank you, for writing and sharing your wisdom!

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