It’s The Little Things In Life: Gift Ideas That Say ‘I Love You’

There is a common misconception that gifts are only meaningful when they are big and expensive, but that isn’t the case. The fact is that it is the little things that make the best gifts; these are the things that you see out and about and think ‘he’d love that,’ and so buy them as a little treat for your partner.

Showing your partner what they mean to you isn’t about choosing pricey gifts every birthday and Christmas, it’s about treating them to little bits and bobs throughout the year. The things that say ‘I love you’ aren’t just engraved watches and expensive hand tanned leather wallets, it’s the little things, the cute gestures.

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In need of a little inspiration for gift ideas that say ‘I love you’? Read on for a range of gift ideas that can be tailored to anyone…

Snack box

Whether your partner has a sweet tooth or is more of a savoury man, a snack box packed full of their favorite treats could make the perfect gift. From crisps and sweets to homemade snacks, it doesn’t matter what’s in the box, just as long as it’s little things that they love. Kudos to you if you can find the treats that they love but can’t access on a daily basis, such as snacks from abroad. Make the snack box even more special by adding a DVD to it that they’ve been wanting to see and planning a movie night around it.

52 things ‘I Love About You’ cards

Take a pack of playing cards and cover the front of the cards in paper, and then write one thing that you love about your partner on each card. You can display these in a photo frame, or you could hole punch them and turn into a flip book. Just think how much your partner would love to hear all the things that you love about them. Want to make them feel special? This is the way to go.

DIY cocktail making kit

You can’t beat a night of cocktail making, can you? Put together a cocktail making kit complete with your partner’s favorite alcohol and mixers, and plan an evening of cocktail making fun. Whether he loves fruity cocktails like passion fruit daiquiris or whiskey sours, you can put together the perfect cocktail making kit for him. Why not swap the usual brands of alcohol he has for something more artisan? To determine which alcohol your partner will like, you can read up online about each brand and flavor, for instance, you can Google a  whiskey review of any brand that you are thinking of purchasing. Get creative with what goes into the cocktail making kit, swap out some old favorites with new flavors to surprise him.

IOU coupons

Put together a little book of IOU coupons to show your partner how much you care about them. These could include things like ‘IOU one 30-minute back massage’, ‘IOU one homemade meal of your choice,’ or ‘IOU one activity day.’ Get creative and see what you can come up with to show your partner how much they mean to you.

There you have it, a guide to gift ideas that say ‘I love you.’

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  1. This is the truest! I find it the nicest thing, to be able to spot something and connect it with someone in my life, right away- then make sure I get it to the person. Big or small, we value them all.

  2. Great ideas, and I agree, gifts don’t need to be expensive to mean something.. 🙋🐦

  3. Great! 😀 That so helpfull… but will better if u give some picture of that 🙂 cause I can’t imagine how to shape a nice snack box 🙁

  4. i absolutely LOVE the idea of IOU cards! It’s an amazing way to say “Thank you” and that’s something I personally believe is super important ina relationship…saying THANK YOU for the little things that usually get taken for granted.

    I might try this one too 🙂 — 52 things ‘I Love About You’ cards.

    Great post!

  5. This is so cool and great information. As I was reading I remember someone saying “Never let the romance die in a relationship”. This passage reminds me of the things that can keep “THE FIRE GOING”😁 and great pointers for all who may be in a relationship!!! Awesome posts as always!

  6. I really liked this, especially the IOU coupons. But you are truly correct in saying that it doesn’t have to be big and expensive for a gift to be meaningful. My kids make me handmade cards that express their love and appreciation for me and it is priceless. Words cannot explain the planning and time it took to create a labor of love.

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