Planning for the Future While You Still Have the Time

We look towards the future with optimism. We note down destinations we want to visit, we plan out the perfect life, and we (secretly) decide on baby names long before meeting our future spouse.

It is vital to plan for the future, but that time seems so far away, and so sometimes we believe that it can wait until tomorrow, next month, even next year. Yet, putting off these plans doesnโ€™t always work out. We all know how quickly life can spin on its head, so being prepared is something that needs to be considered.

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Growing up you had an idea of what you wanted to be when you were older. How many of us can say that is what we are doing now? Probably not many. As we grow older, we learn more about ourselves and the things we saw ourselves doing as children isnโ€™t always the same when we become adults.

That being said, having goals is crucial to keeping along a road of success in life. These goals can be anything from starting a family to finding the career of your dreams. Having set goals in mind, with the ability to be flexible, will give you something to aim for, even if it takes a while to get there.

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When you are young, you feel invincible. You know that you probably should save, but how many of us do? At least during our teens and early twenties.

But ensuring that you have money saved away is essential. You never know when you might have to pay for car repairs, or new utilities or anything else that can leave you in a lurch when it happens unexpectedly. Furthermore, if you ever want to buy a house, you will need to be in excellent financial shape to ensure your loan and mortgage is approved.

Starting to save now will relieve you of a lot of tricky issues in the future, so it is wise to start looking where your money goes so you wonโ€™t have to struggle when the tough times come around.


Not to sound too morbid, but knowing what will happen to your assets when you leave us will do wonders for giving you and your family peace of mind. Much like your savings, it is vital to have enough money and other essentials stored away ready to bestow on your nearest and dearest.

Getting advice on planning your inheritance can help you understand what is required of you and streamline the process for when the inevitable does occur, hopefully a long time from now. Additionally, having a clear, concise, and transparent will goes a long way towards avoiding any arguments over who got what, as they are your possessions, and therefore it is you and you alone who decides what to do with them.

Preparing for the future while you are still stood firmly in the present can seem daunting and like something that can always be saved for later. But taking steps now will give you one less thing to concern yourself with as the years roll on.

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  1. There is always a dilemma with saving money whilst we are young. It’s a time when we are at your physical peaks for making working long hard hours but at the same time if we don’t indulge a bit we won’t be able to, maybe until retirement.

  2. A big goal of mine this year is to save more! My boyfriend and I are looking at houses cause we donโ€™t want to be renting an apartment when we get married (within the next year or two). I got my credit score way up there so that when we apply for a loan, we can get the best rate possible!

      1. When one has two choices to not chose is to allow fate to make the choice for you! Hence inaction is a choice in and of itself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very prudent and sound counsel.We teach our daughters to pray for their future husband, if God be willing that they marry. We teach them to imagine themselves as adults, how they would live life, their wants and needs and pray to that end. Praying for the ideal and equally yoked husbands is a good practice. My eldest daughter is in a healthy relationship with a man she has known since kindergarden. We would pray together, my eldest and I, when she was young for her future husband and Lo and Behold we were praying for the boy right next to her. God is Good. Excellent post.

  4. Well, nice advises. But itโ€s very good to keep this plan trough the year, โ€couse I think that itโ€s hard to stick to the plan than make it. Donโ€t you think ?

  5. It is so important to start saving early, especially in your 20s. You never know what can happen later, so this post right here was full of great advice! Thank you!

  6. These are good things to think about Ula, thanks for laying them out so well. Sometimes, when we take the time out, from our dreams, to think about the practical part, it must make them more possible to sustain. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. So true. We think “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But we forget that tomorrow hasn’t been promised to us. That said, we have to plan like it is. Procrastination wreaks havoc on finances.

  8. Nice post ula๐Ÿ˜ and also very informative thanks for this post because i find it very difficult to save and now i have to do something about it

  9. Dear Ula,

    Well said. Be prepared the best you can and flexible when unexpected things try and throw it off. Thanks for the great advice. Gary

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