Travel Advice for the First-Time Adventure Seeker

If you find yourself bored at work, sitting at your desk fantasizing of traveling then why not stop dreaming and start planning an adventurous getaway? Whether you choose an exotic, far-flung location or want to explore Canada in the Fall, pursuing your perfect trip will dare you into actually doing it! There are plenty of opportunities for adventurous travel in the world, it just takes guts from simply being inspired to chucking it all in and taking the plunge. Even if you just want to experience something different, there’s a great adventure out there waiting for you.

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Start with local adventures

If you’ve only been on hotel-centered vacations and have yet to travel further afield for any length of time, consider starting a local adventure for the weekend, or even just for a day. Wherever you live, the options for a hiking trip can’t be too far from home but if walking isn’t your thing, look into kayaking, trail riding, horse riding, rock climbing or anything to take you out of your normal comfort zone. Make sure you research and choose quality lightweight daypacks and backpacks that have varying qualities and functions suitable for the type for trip you’re planning as the design you choose will depend on what you’re likely to pack.

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Think big adventures

Once you’ve got the bug for adventure seeking, the whole world is literally waiting for you to explore it. There are thousands of comprehensive travel guides online to help you research and find the right kind of adventure you want to experience, from African safaris to going backpacking in Canada or horse-riding in the Mongolian wilderness. Decide on the type traveling exploit that best suits your interests and then it’s just a case of choosing an affordable destination which ticks all the boxes for your exciting trip of a lifetime.

If you’re wanting to add a little luxury to your big adventures, you can also find a company similar to Jettly that can provide private jet charters for anyone, this way you’ll be able to travel in style to the majority of destinations that could appear on your bucket list!

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Always stay safe

However you plan your next adventure you should think about any safety or associated risks that could be involved. Always check out the latest travel advice from reliable sources in case you have to take into account any travel warnings for that country or destination. Get prepared and, if necessary, make sure you have vaccinations in time for the day of your departure. When you do make a booking, make sure it’s through a reputable travel company and check that your health insurance and travel documents are in date.

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All that leaves is to have a fun-packed, exciting vacation that will super exceed all your travel adventure expectations.

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  1. We will definitely start doing this, especially the thinking local part☺️ thanks for sharing and I hope you’ll check out our site if you have a chance!

  2. I’ve just done a trip to Brussel (Belgium). It is was very nice and I am planning to go see more cities.

  3. you give such great advice! that is exactly how I started out! Explore locally, then plan a BIG trip 🙂 thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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