What I Pack For The Fall Weekend Getaway

In less than two weeks, my husband and I are going for a romantic fall getaway. I cannot be more excited about it, since fall is my favorite season! I’ve already started to think about what I should pack. I thought that it’ll be a great idea to share with you guys what is going to be in my suitcase. I’ll do my best not to overpack as I almost always do, lol.


1. Pasties

The idea of being free for me when it comes to catching a breath from an everyday life is not to wear a bra. As strange as it sounds, this is one thing that makes me feel super comfortable when it comes to the clothes I’m wearing.

Whether you wear pasties with or without bra, nipple covers provide a seamless, comfortable and discrete look with any style. Circular discs cover the nipple and areola, masking shape and color so that you can be worry-free. I look at it as an extra layer of self-defense, if you know what I mean.

I will pack my silicone Nubra Pasties, for sure. They are a must, but not only for the weekend getaway. Actually, I’ve been wearing them many times already (they are reusable) so I know that they are the best ones for me. I’m going to take my fitted dress so the small pasties go perfectly with it. They help to create a beautiful, sleek look by giving you minimal coverage and maximum comfort.

I’m going to wear my large self-adhesive nipple covers, with everything else, literally. They are great for women with bigger bra sizes, but I use it whenever I wear my tops (sweaters, t-shirts, etc.).

2. Scarf

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved when women wear scarves. It just looks classy for me. With time being, I’ve realized that it’s a super cozy thing to have. Earlier, when I used to be a teacher, a scarf was also my protection for my continuous sore-throat.

During fall and spring, a scarf is a must-have for me. It is always a great way to keep yourself warm, especially in the cold evenings. A scarf is also a fashionable addition to your outfit.

3. Workout Gear

Even though, you are on vacation, I love being active. I’m very sure that my husband and I will take lots of long walks and admire the beautiful scenery around us. Oh, I cannot wait for it!

I also would love to do some workout routines while we’re there and maybe go for a run. That’s why, I’ll pack my running shoes, as well. Just to be prepared.

4. Rain Jacket

Of course, fall is the season of rain and I’m not complaining. The only thing I’m looking forward to (still) is a kiss in the rain, so I hope that I’ll catch my husband in the rain and kiss him or he will do it first :).

Luckily, I’ve recently got a new jacket with a hidden hoodie so it’ll work perfectly. It is water resistant so it is made for an unexpectable weather.

5. Steamer

Even though our resort we’re going to might have an iron, I’ll take my steamer with me. I never iron clothes before packing, because they always wrinkle in luggage.

Steamer has just made my life so much easier, because I will just need a hanger and 5 or 10 minutes and I’ll be ready to go out for a dinner in my Nubra pasties and silky dress with stilletos.


That is my list of things that I really cannot forget to take with me. The most important though will be my hubby next to me and smiles on our faces :).


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  1. I like the idea of the pasties under the bra. I’m one of those women with the “nipple issue” caused by the medication I must take. Ventolin for asthma causes pronounced nipples, and if pasties can be a comfortable answer to this dilemma, I’m all in!! Thanks for the post and enjoy your wonderful romantic vay-cay!!

  2. Great list! I’ve never tried pasties, but I recently got an off-the-shoulder top that I don’t like wearing my strapless bra with- so I might invest in some!

  3. Scarf is also mine must have item when I go somewhere. It goes in my bag no matter the season. There is always a reason to have it with me. I have never used pasties (I didn’t even know what this is, until I read your description).

  4. It’s a great packing list. I found you on Yeesha’s lifestyle blog as she nominated you for the blogger award. I thought should stop by and say “Hi” to you. Your site is amazing and you are doing a wonderful job. Stay blessed and stay connected. It’s very nice to meet you here.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and it’s very nice to e-meet you, as well! 🙂🌸

  5. Never thought of pasties to wear on a daily basis. Must admit it is a good idea to feel more comfortable in comparison to tight bra. 😊However I definitely love scarf-all colours and patterns 😀 xx

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