How Could Your Home Look More Grand?

An Englishman’s home is his castle. With that approach to your home in mind, you should consider whether or not your home does in fact exude power. Not in a bragging way but definitely in a way that commands respect, your home should look more grand. It’s something that most people would like if we’re honest. A home that doesn’t just stand out, but stands tall. It’s about style and grandeur but being so in a subtle way. It’s not loud and obnoxious by any means at all. In fact it’s quite the contrary, you want a delicate balance of power and subtlety. You don’t want to be noticed for your big flashing lights and wailing sirens, you want onlookers to admire and be impressed by your home. But hey, not everyone has a palace so unless you have some kind of mansion or villa, maybe you shouldn’t try right? Wrong, any home can look more splendid and with a bit more bold attitude. You just need to know where to begin.

It Begins With The Staircase

If guests enter your home one of the first things they’re going to see is the staircase. It’s just how modern homes are designed these days, so anyone entering or leaving has access to both floors. It’s a practical design that you should take full advantage of to impress anyone who walks in. first of all clear the landing or hallway. Nothing screams cramped and small space than a cluttered hallway. Big empty spaces are another way that grandiose homes express their space and wealth. Therefore clear everything away, and yes that means everything. Now that you have a clear open space, consider redesigning the entire staircase. But in what way exactly?

Well, the larger your steps are the bolder and grandor your home will look. You should consider wooden steps as well rather than carpeted steps. Why so? Well, hardwood floors are considered part and parcel of larger homes, they’re a much more classier style and showing of natural craftsmanship. Wider, longer and taller steps are something you should have but also, if you can bend the staircase that is also a brilliant touch. You will obviously need the room however so maybe leave this out if you cannot manage it. The railing should be wooden and not metal. Preferably it should be in a slightly lighter tone than the steps.

A Showing Of Strength

When you first look at a home from the outside, what do you see? The walls? The door? No, you see the windows. There are four of them so they will immediately draw you eyes to them as you walk or drive by. So this is definitely an area you should consider making more domineering and powerful. Consider vinyl windows that are incredibly strong and made from high quality materials. But what design? Well the classic bow windows are easily the first choice to consider. They are a series of separate windows lined up side by side. The vertical frames are connected together and they can very often be for curved windows. The windows can curve outward for an extra pop of size and mass.

These kinds of windows are great for both the top and bottom floors. They also offer increased privacy as the frames that are joined together block the view of peeping Toms. Yet they also look stronger, they’re taller by design and overall look grand. You may want to consider getting rid of blinds and fitting rail curtains that hang from the top corners. This is a kind of window that you should consider fitting traditional style curtains for. You also have the option of fitting custom shaped windows but that will require a personalized one to one meeting with the designers.


An Iconic Timeless Addition

One of the most iconic looks of British manor houses and French chateaus is the smattering of large decorative traditional mirrors. Incredibly intricate, the frames are usually handcrafted out of high quality wood. They are works of art really and yet they offer amazing benefits for the interior design. Firstly, the frames are beautiful with birds, vines, flowers and sometimes powerful figures such as angels floating in the corners. Very often you can also get these kinds of mirrors made in high quality metals too such as silver and gold. Platinum is also an option but so is polished brass. These large mirrors should only be placed in certain parts of the home.

They belong mostly in the hallway as they reflect light and can naturally make a dark hallway come back to life. However they are also kept mainly in the hallway because they offer a practical use such as getting a quick look of your entire outfit and face before you go outside the house. They can very often be placed in the lounge room also as they offer a wide view of the entire space for guests who are sitting down. However they may also be placed in your bedroom to add in a more traditional style.

Comfortable In The Night

A grand home is very easy to navigate during the night thanks to the wonderful lighting that is inside. Consider buying a chandelier for your home. Again, this can be fitted in your hallway as one of the first things that can be seen and admired by guests. However a chandelier can be fitted just about anywhere in the home, barring the bathroom. Consider tall and large lamps also for the side tables in your rooms. They can be made from amazing materials such as ceramic, china and marble. Lamps go well in rooms that are used quite a lot such as the living room and lounge room. The shades can and should be made from exquisite materials too such as silk, wool and cashmere.

It’s hard to pull off a grandiose look for a home. It really does take an increased knowledge in traditional homes to get it just right and know what to add. You should clear out the hallway and make sure you have a decorative traditional mirror placed here for a start.

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