Why Being Fired Can Be A Blessing

Nobody plans to lose their job. However, sometimes, there is nothing you can do. Your boss has to restructure the business. The company’s strategy has changed. The company merged with another brand. Capitals are running low, and managers have to reduce their teams. Perhaps, you made a mistake that has affected the whole company. Regardless of the reason, the HR department has decided to let you go.

Being fired is a hurtful experience, no doubt about that. But, once you look past the emotional baggage – and your hurt pride –, you can find surprising benefits to the situation. Don’t believe it? See for yourself:

You Are Free To Be Your Own Boss

Don’t rush to find the next vacancy just now. You could use your time at home to make your business dream come true. Setting up a business is a challenging experience , but it can be hugely rewarding. For a start, you are not in a situation where your career depends on someone else. There is no boss to respond to; you are in charge. More importantly, it is the perfect opportunity to tap into your professional skills and reach out to the market. You can do your own market research to find out what skills, services and products are in demand right now.

You Can Focus On Yourself

It’s hard to handle the first days or weeks out of employment when you’re used to getting up early to commute to work every day. What are you going to do with all that free time? First of all, relax. It can be helpful to figure out whether you have enough funds to clear your mind. If you’ve been fired as a result of no fault of your own, it’s worth checking that you’re receiving appropriate severance pay, for instance. Otherwise, your emergency savings or occasional freelancing can also help you to make ends meet. Indeed, most people don’t take the time to recover. Working full-time is both a mental and emotional drain. When this stops overnight, stress can also affect your health. Give yourself the time to find out what you want to do with your career and heal your wounds.

You Can Learn New Skills

How do you make your resume more attractive after the sudden loss of your job? While it’s a tricky question, you have to focus on the future rather than the past. You could speak to a company like Arc Resumes in Texas about how they could make our resume stand out better. But if your skillset and experience are basic, there’s only so much they can do! Boosting your skills through online courses can help you to bridge the gap and bring something new to a future employer. Not sure where to start? Monitor vacancies and business offers to find out what skills and talents are likely to become popular in the next few months. As you open yourself up to new opportunities, you can move your career to the next level. Becoming a connoisseur of the labor market can differentiate your resume. Indeed, you can boost your marketing career by learning some programming tools and languages, which you can repurpose for digital analysis, for instance. Does your job involve travel? Make yourself more valuable by learning a foreign language. Are you looking for a role in education? You can add creative arts and media to your resume to support a variety of students. In short, seize the chance to grow.

Being fired can be a traumatic experience if you let it get to you. But, if you embrace the situation with an open mind, you’d be surprised by the fantastic opportunities available to you.

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  1. Great reminder to find the silver lining!
    I’ve been going through this exact thing over the last month (I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat right now due to covid-19).
    Instead of stressing, I’ve been trying to take advantage of this free time while it lasts to finally start a side hustle and make myself less dependent on my old employment.
    Too early to say whether it’ll work or not, but having something productive to work on has sure helped to take the stress away at least.
    Thanks for sharing some positivity! Take care 🙂

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